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  1. "No tears for you" demo song is one of my favourite Vain songs, shame they couldn't tagged that on. Have to be honest and say Vain have a long way to match the quality of the first three releases, from the latter stuff Im not expecting anything amazing.
  2. I got into rock music in 94/95 and it was amazing time to find all rare cds in bargain bins around the UK. There was also specialist hard rock cd shops in my local town, sadly now gone. Sadly times changed and as this music is very much an acquired taste and where you can buy any commercial album in UK supermarkets roughly 1/2 the price of that for a melodic rock cd. I'm stuck in the 2nd hand market til my financial situation changes or rare occurrences like when I got vain 'No more strangers' as was worried it would be sold out and become a rarity. On a Loud 1 note I ordered a
  3. F**K me the songs on the jukebox "The music died" and "I don't know" are amazing! I like all sorts of music, but their pop rock/aor material I find far superior to more the modern stuff they do. If they did just ONE cd of material it would be killer, It's great to release soooo many tracks but I think it will just get lost as only fan will want to buy it or even invest the time to listen to it. They deserve more attention than they get, I like Crashdiet, Reckless love and treat but think they are ALL overrated (don't get me started on the bands mentioned in the glam board for being
  4. Perhaps find it on a music blog first, listen to it and then decide. I think i accidentally did this, accidentally downloading it and listening to it ;-)
  5. Greetings, I never picked up the "Rest in Sleaze" (wish I had done before everywhere bumped the price up) and was just browsing today and I saw this Crashdiet - Rest in Sleaze Is this for real? Anyone else have any info on this? Thanks
  6. I used to be really into Heart Throb Mob, Big Bang Babies and Foxy Roxx(esp first release). It's not bad reminds me of PBF demo.
  7. Take Def Leppard any day over this. It's good but nothing more, the other songs I heard sound like a poor mans Skid Row S/t. I do like a few songs from the latest releases by Treat, CrashDiet and Reckless love but I think the scene is over hyping stuff and giving out far far overgenerous scores.
  8. "Nature's Way" was one of the better tracks too, well sung simple acoustic song with a message. Sorry can't answer your question just pointing out why remove one of the better tracks especially as there was room on the cd to include them all. Maybe some legal problems prevented its inclusion.
  9. Not bad at all, have potential to become good and feature plenty of variety (The first 80's aor track I liked the best from the first couple of songs I listened too). On a lighter note that is a bad collection of haircuts if I ever saw one.
  10. Whats the added track "Rodeo" sound like?
  11. My days of rock night clubs are well over now, I don't think the scene can ever recover from its glory days and the last few "classic rock" nights I went to are just not my thing anymore(full of fossils, same old same old tunes). My favourite nightclub in the UK, Midlands was "The highway man" RIP
  12. I used to play 'Cat on a hot tin roof' and 'Now your'e on your own' over and over, great stuff. Will try to download it as don't want buy the album again for just one track.
  13. I saw them live about 5yrs+ ago I just remember them being a bit punkish and forgettable. I never heard of them before hand and I can't judge a band on one peformance, so ermm not much to go on there!
  14. After listening to "better this way" by 7th Heaven for the 100001 time I looked them up and on the website it says they're recording this month. I will also be honest and say from that UK/USA cd is too poppy and inconsistent for me but an album FULL of songs like "better this way" would blow me away. The singer from the UK lists amongst his favourite bands Thunder and Extreme. Nice, especially as he was in a pop idol style commercial pop band at one time. I just can't get enough of that song, incredibly catchy.
  15. First band I ever saw live, will have to make time to check this out sometime. My favourite FM song is 'All or nothing' incredible.
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