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Crimson Glory Boxed Set coming soon


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Metal Mind Productions presents the complete discography of one of the best and most influential prog-metal bands of the 80’s – Crimson Glory.


The exclusive 5 CD box entitled “In Dark Places…1986-2000” contains all of their studio albums: “Crimson Glory”, “Transcendence”, “Strange And Beautiful”, “Astronomica” (2CD). The box also includes bonus tracks, such as songs taken from singles, videos, live or demo tracks plus a 60 pages booklet. All recordings are remastered using tube technology. Box is limited to 1000 numbered copies and is a must-have for all fans of the band as well as for the lovers of the progressive metal genre!


Crimson Glory’s origin reaches the 80’s, when the band emerged with a dazzling combination of early Queensryche style, fascinating guitar melodies and distinctive, emotive vocals. The line-up, consisting of Ben Jackson (guitars), Jon Drenning (guitars), Jeff Lords (bass), Dana Burnell (drums) and Midnight (vocals) recorded two albums – Crimson Glory and Transcendence, both bringing the band a large number of devoted fans. The unique musical mixture, followed by a characteristic image (all band members wore silver masks) marked the beginning of a prog metal legend. But the band did not wish to be captivated in only one musical style. With their third album, Crimson Glory reached far beyond simple power metal musicianship, replacing it with complex, precise songwriting, controversial both in sound and structure. Strange and Beautiful turned out as an epic musical experience, filled with elements borrowed from prog metal, as well as blues and hard rock. For some fans the band explored far too commercial regions, but others greeted Crimson Glory’s evolution enthusiastically. Unfortunately, after the release of their third LP the group stepped down from the scene for six years. It wasn’t until 1997, when Jon Drenning and Jeff Lords decided to reunite Crimson Glory. Ben Jackson’s return was a great start to the process; however it was soon clear that this trio will be the only remaining members of the original line-up, as vocalist Midnight was at that time not interested in recording a new album. Drenning, Lords and Jackson had a tough decision on whom to set as a replacement for the charismatic singer. The final choice was Wade Black, whose vocals sounded much more powerful and aggressive, brining a totally new quality to Crimson Glory’s music. After adjoining ex-Savatage drummer Steve Wacholz the band was ready for a definite comeback. In 1999 Astronomica saw daylight. The album proved the band’s great form, being both a nod to the past as well as updated for the present, retaining some of the classic guitar harmonies with a slightly more dynamic approach. Although soon after its release Black left the band to front Seven Witches and Leash Law, Crimson Glory did not cease to exist. On May 2010 the band announced that a new singer, Todd La Torre, had joined the band. La Torre made his first (and as yet only) public appearance with Crimson Glory at ProgPower USA X as one of seventeen guest performers paying tribute to Midnight, the band's original singer who passed away in 2009 The band is currently working on their new material.


Metal Mind Productions will release “In Dark Places…1986-2000” on 23rd August in Europe and 5th October in USA (via MVD).


Crimson Glory

“In Dark Places…1986 - 2000”


Label: Metal Mind Records

Cat. No.: MMP 5CD BOX 007

Barcode: 5907785036055

Format: 5 CD Box + 60 pages booklet (limited edition of 1000 copies)

Genre: progressive metal

Release date: 23.08.2010 Europe / 5.10.2010 USA






1. Valhalla

2. Dragon Lady

3. Heart Of Steel

4. Azrael

5. Mayday

6. Queen Of The Masquerade

7. Angels Of War

8. Lost Reflection


Bonus track:

9. Dream Dancer




1. Lady Of Winter

2. Red Sharks

3. Painted Skies

4. Masque Of The Red Death

5. In Dark Places

6. Where Dragons Rule

7. Lonely

8. Burning Bridges

9. Eternal World

10. Transcendence


Bonus Tracks:

11. Lonely (Re-Mix)

12. Lonely (Videoclip)




1. Strange And Beautiful

2. Promise Land

3. Love And Dreams

4. The Chant

5. Dance On Fire

6. Song For Angels

7. In The Mood

8. Starchamber

9. Deep Inside Your Heart

10. Make You Love Me

11. Far Away


Bonus Track:

12. The Chant (Videoclip)




1. March To Glory (Instrumental)

2. War Of The Worlds

3. New World Machine

4. Astronomica

5. Edge Of Forever

6. Touch The Sun

7. Lucifer's Hammer

8. The Other Side Od Midnight

9. Cyber-Christ

10. Cydonia




1. War Of The Worlds - Remake

2. Astronomica - Demo Version

3. Touch The Sun - Demo Version

4. Edge Of Forever - Demo Version (bonus track)

5. Dragon Lady - Live

6. Eternal World - Live

7. Painted Skies - Live

8. Queen Of The Masquerade - Live

9. Lost Reflection - Live


All the best,


Agnieszka Świątnicka-Kulpińska


Metal Mind Productions - Promo Dept.

e-mail: agnieszka.kulpinska@metalmind.com.pl

www.metalmind.com.pl / www.myspace.com/metalmindproductions

Become a fan on www.facebook.com/metalmindproductions

tel.++48 32 205 25 00 fax: ++48 32 205 36 65

ul. Czajek 31, 40-534 Katowice POLAND

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Sounds neat-o, but chances are they'll sell out too fast for me to get my hands on one...


All recordings are remastered using tube technology.


Um... "tube technology?" Wuzzat?? :blink:

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CRIMSON GLORY Guitarist Jon Drenning Slams Metal Mind Productions For "Illegal" Release Of 5-CD Box Set


Founding guitarist Jon Drenning spoke with BW&BK shortly after the announcement was made and commented that "Metal Mind from Poland is releasing a box-set of our music illegally. We are not recognizing the release or sanctioning the release of our music by them."




CRIMSON GLORY wishes to formally address the announcement made by Metal Mind Records regarding plans to release a box set featuring the band's discography:


"Crimson Glory does not recognize nor sanction the new CD releases or box-sets made by Metal Mind Records (Poland). They are producing our CDs illegally and thus have ZERO rights to market, promote, advertise, release, distribute or sell any of our material; therefore they have ZERO rights to make any profit from our image, likeness or music."


This has been an ongoing battle between Crimson Glory and Metal Mind ever since Roadrunner Records took yet another step in blatantly disregarding the band's legal requests to cease and desist all involvement with Crimson Glory by illegally selling the rights (which they did not possess) to the Polish record company in 2007. It is a glaring example of what a shambles the music industry has become, and it is crucial to the band that their fans recognize the reality of the situation: Since Roadrunner's involvement with Crimson Glory nearly 20 years ago, not a single cent generated from the production, sale, or publishing of ANY Crimson Glory record has been returned to the band.


"We have become disenfranchised from our own music," says lead guitarist and founding member Jon Drenning, "with everybody making a profit from our efforts but us! As a group of hard-working dedicated musicians who have now given 25 years of our lives and hearts to this band and this music, it is beyond heart-breaking to watch these companies deliberately break the law and profit from selfish and downright criminal actions. This music is our passion; creating each record has been a labor of love, and what's happening to us and our music right now is frustrating and insulting."


Drenning adds, "We wish to make it perfectly clear to our friends and fans out there, all over the world, that these and any other albums or releases are not being produced or distributed with our permission, and that the money they wish to spend on our records is money that we as a band have earned but will never see until this matter is properly resolved. While we appreciate our fans wanting to purchase our material, it's imperative that everyone out there recognizes that in doing so, they are only helping to make a criminal richer. In the meantime, Crimson Glory is presently negotiating with other labels regarding the remastering, re-releasing and future distribution of all of our material, and anything to do with the band regarding album releases, tour dates, promotional material etc will be shared via official press releases and the Crimson Glory Myspace and Facebook pages ONLY."





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^^^ Um... wow. This could get interesting. :blink:

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Love the band, but I have the first two CDs, so wouldn't be interested in this. The first two albums are awesome, I would not be without them, I think I had to pay quite a lot to get the debut on CD a few years back. The 3rd album was a big disappointment, one or two good songs, but nothing up to the standard of the previous classics. Hope this gets resolved, would hate to see such a great metal band being shafted.

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  • 3 months later...

So...did this box set thingy ever surface or was Drenning successful in torpedo-ing it? Just curious.




*EDIT* apparently it does indeed exist... and you can git it for $100 from CM Distro... mmmm, no thanx, too rich for my blood...





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Did anyone buy this box set. Is there anywhere you can get it for < $100 ??


$62.03 at ImportCDs.com (have never bought from them; no clue how reliable):




$76.73 at CD Connection:



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Did anyone buy this box set. Is there anywhere you can get it for < $100 ??


$62.03 at ImportCDs.com (have never bought from them; no clue how reliable):




$76.73 at CD Connection:





Import CDs is probably my most bought from seller on Amazon over the last two years; never had anything but 100% wonderful transactions with them. tumbsup.gif

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