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Can anyone identify this song?

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Title of it on youtube says unknown aor song. I figure what better place to ask than here? Anyone know who this is? Female fronted aor from the 80's (or sure sounds like it anyway). My guess is it's from the later part of the 80's 1987/88.

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I searched the lyrics on google and it came up with nothing. It seems like a good song. Good luck with trying to find it.


Thanks, yeah it seems like it will be a hard one to track down.

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It sounds incredibly like Shell and the Ocean to me from what little there is on the clip but a little less hi-tech as it were. But it's not a song off their album (I don't think).... wonder if it's a demo or soundtrack?? Pity the clip isn't longer.

I'm probably way off beam anyway..... :(

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Still no luck on this one yet. But, what the hell, might as well bump to see if any other HHer's may know who this is.

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