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O.K., time to let off a little steam here. On May 27 (the Thursday before Memorial Day weekend) I won and paid for via Paypal a 5 lot set of Black Sabbath cd's from the seller tranemusic (Jesus Campo). I placed my bid with confidence because he had a 100% feedback rating. That evening he sent me an email saying he would mail out the package Monday May 31 and if I needed the tracking number just let him know. Since Monday was Labor Day I assumed he meant he would mail it Tuesday June 1st.


On Tuesday June 8 I asked for the tracking number since it had been a week coming from CA to AZ. No reply. Thursday the 10th I again emailed for a tracking number. He replied that evening saying he had been at a concert out of town and had forgot about my package, but would mail items first thing Monday June 14th priority mail. I emailed Wed. June 16th asking if he had mailed them yet. No reply.


Yesterday (Friday June 18th) still nothing from him. I sent him a nasty email to which he replied that he has been ill and will send it out Monday June 21. We'll see. I gave him until next Friday and then I'm done playing games.

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Today the seller refunded my money. While I'm bummed he didn't fulfill my order, he was honest and did the right thing.

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Just guessing here, but it sounds like he probably got a better price for them from someone else. If he had them, he would have sent them. What an asshole! :angry:

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The thought has crossed my mind. Here is the email he sent when he refunded my money:


"sorry i am not ablt to ship barely move very sick heres a refund in full

for all your money sorry it did not work and thanks for the patience take



But for him not being able to move other people have been getting their stuff just fine according to his feedback. It was a pretty sweet price I won all 5 cd's for so yeah, he probably did do something like sell them for more. Oh well, I got my money back so its not a total loss. ;)

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yeah, sounds like he got more cash for them, but getting your money back was a victory on your part. believe me, things don't always turn out that good. it really pisses me off when folks are not honest. I had a similar thing happen lately with a seller on ebay, hoticebt, alias bobby thomas, he asked me to put a bunch of cd's away for him, gave me an expected payment date, sounded good. then the payment date came and went, and the excuses started. his favorite one was he was encountering financial difficulties, which I could understand, but he forgot to tell his index finger. it kept using "buy it now" on ebay and racking up huge bills. so when I ask him about it, I am the jerk?? live and learn I guess. I can't say he ripped me off, but I did lose a bunch of sales to folks who wanted the cd's, but I turned them down, since "bobby" was going to pay for them. yeah right! if folks were honest, we might not be happy about the situation, but we would have to respect someone for telling us how it is honestly. that is my take on it. glad you got your cash!!!!

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just thought id let you guys know about what happened to me, its quite funny so hopefully it entertains you. it was quite a while ago so im not 100% sure anymore on the details. basically i won a fairly rare book on ebay for a decent price for me. straight after i won i got an email from the seller saying he couldnt go through with the auction as he spilt his coffee on the book, thus ruining the book. to make matters worse he then said that his dog chewed the book up then. i then asked for a photo, as he had taken a photo of the book prior to auction so i wanted to see this damaged book. he then got back to me straight away saying he'd already thrown it out and the garbage truck had already taken it away. all this happened in a matter of 5 mins apparently. i then suggested he kick his dog, cut back on the coffee and start chasing the garbage truck otherwise id report him to ebay. well guess what... he reported me to ebay!!!! :)

i then reported him to ebay...a long time later ebay got back to me saying there was nothing they could do to help me...


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I had that happen when I first got my eBay membership. I won a Kane Roberts CD for very cheap. The seller did not even answer any of my e-mails for a little over a week. I finally sent him an eBay notice and no response to that either. I finally left him negative feedback and within 5 minutes, I had negative feedback left for me as well. He said I never e-mailed him, but he also had the same cd up for auction again. I knew it was the same because of the crack on the back of the jewel case. This time, he had a much higher price on it. After looking at his feedback, I could see why he was such an asshole, He had a shitload of negative feedback for no responses and harrassing e-mails. He soon after was suspended from eBay

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I had a guy do similar to me.

I bid on a video for a friend of mine & kept emailing the guy for total price including postage and got no replies!

After a long while I left him neg feedback saying that he never replied to constant emails and guess what,next day I had the same feedback on my account,word for word!


I must admit I recently damaged a comic someone had won,but I emailed the guy explaining my error & said I'd send him the comic anyway & take the price of it off the postage to balance things out (he'd won a few items) he basically got it for free!

The guy in question was totally understanding & was very happy.

Honesty doesnt cost a lot does it,and at least my reputation is still intact!

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This has all the earmarks of someone whose account has been stolen.


The last month:


65 positives

4 neutrals

32 negatives


The 5 months prior to that:


384 positives

1 neutral

1 negative


Something happened here...



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