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my wants vs my needs

66 mustang

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I've just come into some money. It is enough to buy my heating oil for this winter. the last 2 years we have used electric heat because it is easier to come up with an extra $200 a month through the winter than pay out $600 in one lump sum to have the heating oil delivered. I now have the money to get the heating oil and pay most of my property tax due in December.

that would be great to do but he problem is that I really want to up-size my tv. I have a 32" LCD but I want to upgrade to a 40" LCD. my head is telling me to speng smartly but my "guy impulse" keeps creeping up behind me and whispering how nice a bigger tv would be.

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Go with the heating!


I feel like it's goin' to be a bad winter!!!

Backed. Go with the oil. Be practical in this sense. If you had a 19 inch tube TV, I might say the TV... :beerbang:

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Yeah, the TV upgrade doesn't really sound that worthwhile, mate. As people have said, sounds like the TV you have is already good. As for heating, how cold does it get where you are through winter? Is it necessary too? If so, get that, if not party hard. ;)

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