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Fat Freddy

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"A Nightmare on Elm Street" is the next iconic horror series to get an upgrade ... the movie is due in April of next year...




I gotta admit, even though I was pretty well burned out on Freddy Krueger by the end of the 80s, this looks pretty bad-ass.

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This does look pretty cool but I think maybe they should have changed up some of the scenes like the one of the girl in the tub with Kruger's hand coming up out of the water. Other than that, it looks good.

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Loved the first Nightmare film, will look forward to this but don`t personally see the need to remake a classic!

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I don't know about this reminds me of the Friday The 13th remake, which I am biased towards all things original and just could not appreciate it.


What gives with Michael Bay is he going to remake all the classic horror movies?


Would it not be cooler if instead of remaking these films if someone just cleaned up the masters and re-released them in the theatres? Kind like when Lucas did the Star Wars re-do's? (Which btw I hated the edits/adds Lucas made to the trilogy, I am meaning just cleaning up the films updating sound not any creative adds or edits.)

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The movie poster is out today:





Kewl. :beerbang:

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