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Spread Eagle Cd I found on net


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Do any of you guys know about this Spread Eagle cd that's go a chick in nice little leather panties with headphones on kneeling on a couch? some of the songs are Ready To Bleed, Bad Motherfucker, 8 Ball? anybody have any Idea who this Spread Eagle Is, here is a link the cd!


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Apparently one of the guys in this band was called Donnie James Rio!



And Mathias Stabbs...


Interestingly enough though and it could be the sites issue, is the release and label info on the link Leykis provided shows the cd out in 1990 on MCA...


Read that interview and what a collection of boobs! And I don't mean norks that we all love so much I mean a plastic sack full of dim bulbs.

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Whats weird is if you go to Allmusic, it lists the album as being released on Nerve in 2003, but all the band write up is for the other Spread Eagle on MCA.


I think a lot of sites are confused!

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Yes. That is why database sites like Gracenote and others shouldn't allow just anyone to input bands and info without approval. This is what happens when a someone looks up a band and finds bad info like this, adds it to their sites and then the world thinks New York's Spread Eagle has a long lost album. Like the band Uttaro being claimed as a long lost Spread Eage CD when it was a completely different band, although Ray West did do vocals on that one.

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