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Head East

66 mustang

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I tried to search for a thread about this band but I couldn't find one.


so what are people's view's on the band. I think they were always lacking something that would have made them a household name like Journey of Foreigner. not a bad band but I've not heard enough to really give a 100% review.

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There was a thread about this band just about a month or so ago but I don't remember what forum it was in.


I just recently bought a Greatest Hits of theirs and it has some great songs.

I could be way off on this but on some tunes they remind me of what Uriah Heep would of sounded like if they were an AOR band.

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I love em...LOVE EM


Their sound changes over the years from kind of mid western hard rock (as per early REO maybe) to hard rock to AOR.


Their 1st album Flat as a Pancake is great but maybe not the best to get into the band with.

I'd go for

Get Yourself Up

Gettin Lucky

Head East - s/t (started getting more "hard rocky" here onwards) - available as a 2fer CD coupled with Gettin' Lucky

The awesome Head East Live (grab the vinyl version not the edited Live on Stage CD version)

A Different Kind of Crazy (many peoples fave)

Choice of Weapons - the closest they get to AOR really.


Unless you're a Head East nut I'd kind of avoid U.S. No 1 and Onwards and Upwards ... they have their moments but are a little inconsistent.

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I recently got Flat as a Pancake, purely cos im a Schlitt fan... but really not sure of it yet.

To me, "Never Been Any Reason" is reason enough to pick up this classic. :tumbsup:

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