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The RIAA, ASCAP, & Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) may act & pretend they are doing it for the artist's, musicians or song writers. But are only in this for themselves. They DO have a hidden agenda and will do anything to get what they want.


I said years ago when they started going after people/groups that they wouldnt stop until they had ruined the industry. Going after royalty monies from internet radio, mainstream radio, websites that play videos is only the start.


Soon they will go after websites that sell music. Mark my words today. If a website uses music in any way, shape or form they WILL eventually go after them.


And in the end only hurting or killing off the market they are attacking!!

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Desperate decission coming from a desperate music industry. Charging for YouTube will certainly prevent (or at least limit) users to discover artists and thus become potential consumers. Thanks to YouTube I discovered lots of bands mentioned in this site (which I've never heard about them before, like Autograph, Crashdiet) and helped me to decide to buy their CDs.

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