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Lillian Axe - Sad Day on Planet Earth

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From the samples I've heard, I'm guessing that if you didn't like their last effort I don't think you'll like this one. I personally really enjoyed the last release. I'm the biggest Lillian Axe fan and I'm bias, so I love pretty much everything they put out. Once again the songs seem very a slow paced and melancholic, yet the production seems insanely good and better than Water's Rising. I'm afraid no big hair 80's sound like on the debut. Unlike Queensryche, Lillian Axe still puts out decent music despite not returning the sound of the glory years.


Lillian Axe samples on Melodicrock.com

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Sounds pretty unimpressive to me. What a sad continuation of a once great band. Still sounds more like Near Life Experience than Lillian Axe.

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My thoughts on the samples:


Megaslowfade - possibly the worst song I have ever heard from LA. AWFUL!


Jesus Wept - Not atrocious, but really not good either. I wouldn't play it.


Ignite - A little more uptempo? What is this? Actually not too bad. Weak for LA generally, but I can handle this. At least there is a hook, which is severely lacking on the rest of their recent stuff.


The Grand Scale of Finality - YUCK!! This is not LA. This is some horrible nordic trash. Pure and utter filler. And I didn't even need to hear whatever chorus they were planning either.


Sad Day on Planet Earth - Absolutely awful ballad. Man that is shit.


Hibernate - I HATE this. Awful again. How dreary and shit.


Within Your Reach - Piss-ant ballad. Really do not dig that at all either.


Down Below the Ocean - I really cannot handle shit like this. Slow, dreary, kill-me-please shit. I hate it.


Blood Raining Down on Her Wings - Completely dead-sounding track.


Cold Day in Hell - Wow, this is actually a little LA sounding. Nice effort. Not great, but a f*ckload better than the rest of this shit. At least it's a valid attempt to sound like the 'real' Lillian Axe.


Nocturnal Symphony - Boring, don't like the vocals. I just feel nothing for this type of stuff.


Divine - More crap.


Kill Me Again - This is actually an old fave of mine. Sounds pretty cool here, and worlds above the rest of this trainwreck.


Fire, Blood, the Earth and Sea - Another pointless, shitty ballad. Why???


So there you have it. If they could record an album full of songs like 'Ignite', 'Cold day in hell' and 'Kill me again' I might be moderately interested again (even if by LA standards these are still pretty average), but the rest of this is unbearable. Sorry to say I have already completely written this disc off. And it pains me to say that about one of my favourite bands. :(

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I'm about half way through the sample... I know I'm in the minority but I LOVED "Water Rising". In fact it made my top 5 for that year. To me these sample sound 100% Lillian Axe. I'm not sure I want a band to record 10 CDs that all sound exactly the same... If I did, I'd buy an AC/DC release. :cartman:


I'm sure this is a first day purchase for me. I wanna be familiar with the songs before I see them at Rocklahoma. I saw them on the "Water Rising" tour and they didn't dissappoint... I have no reason to believe they will this time.

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I just don't get reuniting and then releasing material that's nothing like what you originally sounded like. Perhaps this change in direction is what caused Ron to bail. Seems rather strange that he bailed right after the reunion tour. Not saying that his vocals what have made much of a difference on "Water's Rising" though. I just don't think the songs were strong enough. And I am a HUGE fan of the bands material up to the new stuff. I think "Psychoschizophrenia" was there strongest album. It's a damn shame grunge had to come along and kill them!


I will still check out the new disc. I might even like it better than "Water's Rising". I don't think they will ever go back to the "Love + War" era sound.

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I might be in the minority here, but I feel this cd is MUCH better than Waters Rising just for the fact that it's mostly new material other than Kill Me Again. And to top it off, I hear more Ron Taylor in this guys voice now. Musically, I thing this one picks up where Psychoschizophrenia left off... A little darker and a little heavier, but the harmonizing of the vocals are definately there. I'll have to hear it in it's entirety, but so far I kinda like it.

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Just had a quick listen to the samples on mr.com. Theres some pretty decent tracks here, and the singer does sound quite a bit like Ron Taylor. However its just all over the place, decent track, then dud. And no hooks. Theres not enough here o make me want to hear it again, which is unfortunate cos im sure there are a few tracks that would grow.

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