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Tattoo Barbie?

66 mustang

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come on, I don't need my 4 year old thinking that tattoos are easy on and easy off. the temporary one are doing that enough now they are putting out tattoo Barbie.



now before any of the pro-tat people jump me, it is my little girl and I don't want her to think it is that easy. My personal feelings is that I don't like them. If someone else does fine, not saying anything bad about anyone. I think we had a poll here or a thread about if you like tat's or not. may have to try to dig that one up again.

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they had tattoo action man about 10 years ago and while he's a guy, it was still aimed at the same age bracket with tat transfers...


tbh, by the time she's old enough for a tattoo i think she'll realise its a permanent thing, i dont think you have anything to worry about personally....although this is coming from a kid that grew up with temp tats, and has been intent on getting a tattoo for the last 3 years, i still know that its a permanent thing, ive known that ever since i was little...


if she wants to get a tattoo then she'll get a tattoo, and so many girls have them now that i think a tattoo barbie is the least likely influence on that....thats like saying that barbie cant have a car because kids will grow up to think that driving is alot easier than it actually is (just turn the steering wheel left and right, right?) or that barbie should be released in different physiques so girls dont grow up thinking that every women will have a figure like that....they learn from seeing real people with real tats, i mean im sure your daughter isnt stupid....im sure she'll find out soon enough if she doesnt already realise!


no offence 66, but im guessing that you dont/wont let your kids play with toy guns either? alot of parents feel that way about guns, that if they play with the toys theyll grow up and buy a real gun and shoot people with it....but kids still learn as they get older, they learn that guns only serve the purpose to kill, they learn that guns are a weapon.


you cant shelter your kids from every little thing that you dont want them getting into when theyre older....i grew up with temp tattoos, toy guns, toy knives and all that stuff but im not a tattooed hard nut :lol: and when i was 10 my favourite toy was a footlocker with an action man and loads of military gear in it (which i notice that action man isnt released as a soldier anymore, and i dont think they even supply them with guns these days :unsure:) im sure im not the only one who'd recreate a battle scene with action men in trenches firing rifles at the "bad guys"....8 years later no-one hates war more than i do, but i still had a hell of alot of fun playing army when i was a kid!


id understand if it was "Smoking Barbie" or "Prostitute Barbie", but to label "Tattoo Barbie" as a bad influence is overthinking things abit IMO. theres nothing wrong with tattoos, they might give you a stigma but theyre not something you should condemn as a bad thing IMO


how would you feel about a "Lesbian Barbie"? would you shelter your kids from that or embrace it because it would be discriminating not to? personally, id shelter my kids from that before i sheltered them from "Tattoo Barbie"


and yes i know im not even 18 yet, but i was only a kid 10 years ago so this is something i know more about from my point of view....shit, i grew up watching Robocop when i was like 3 or 4 years old!


im probably gonna have a hard time getting anyone to agree with me here, because most of you are parents and i respect that....but this is something thats kinda annoyed me since my nephew was born 6 years ago.....he was sheltered from everything violent or suggestive and yknow something? he's the biggest brat you'll ever meet! he kicks, punches, throws things, screams and causes a fuss and then when he's told off he'll go and throw a tantrum in the corner to prove a point....the TLC method of raising kids hasnt had the best results in my experience :/

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Got a 9mm Witness and have had hunting riffles all my life. I plan on teaching her how to shoot a pistol when she is ready. I've given her cap guns but she doesn't like the noise and it has gotten lost in the last year. Tried fireworks and the noise bothers her with that too.

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Got a 9mm Witness and have had hunting riffles all my life. I plan on teaching her how to shoot a pistol when she is ready. I've given her cap guns but she doesn't like the noise and it has gotten lost in the last year. Tried fireworks and the noise bothers her with that too.


then i apologize for making an assumption :)


but it doesnt make sense to me to be ok with guns but not ok with tattoos :unsure: i mean im ok with both but i dont understand the reasoning there personally...

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    • I didn't realise that was already out. 
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