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this Christian hard rock band from the 80's, just heard them. was a bit generic, by the numbers sound and style. Nothing great, anyone else heard them?


I had one of their cassettes back in the day...green cover, I think...wasn't overly impressed with it...

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As generic and formulaic as they come. Utterly forgettable. Found the CD in a pawn shop in Florida way back when, listened to it once, and immediately got rid of it.

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...and here I thought this was a thread about the movie, that had been posted in the wrong place. :lol:


Sorry, obviously I got nothin' to contribute here.

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wow......... I'm quite surprised by the harsh reviews on this cd, this is imho a good solid dose of melodic hard rock.



Yeah, the album is not that terrible. Though nothing mind blowing, I still think it's a keeper.

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Guest Bassman

I think the song Fear No Evil is one of the best christian metal songs ever recorded. It's on their debut CD of the same name, but I prefer the version on the White Metal Warriors comp. It has a lot better production value and sounds much more professional. :D

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