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Current advances in CDR media? (Demon Doll Records)


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Well I got my shipment from Demon Doll Records today. On the issue of silver pressed versus CD-R, I'm kinda scratching my head a bit. It's been several years since I've been actively involved in CDR trading, so I've missed the most recent advances in CDR media.


Back then, the so-called "silver bottom" (or diamond) CDR media, while being predominantly silver, still had a pale green hue to them. They could be told from true silver pressed discs. Has that changed? Is there now burnable media that is a TRUE silver in color?


The other giveaway was usually a lot number in black on the inner ring of the disc. Still the case?


Here are the discs I bought:


Rockets to Ruin - Love * Drugs * Rebellion. This one is a CD-R and was revealed as such by the label, as that is how the band had them done. Black lot number on inner ring and the disc bottom has a pale green hue.









Alleycat Scratch - Cheap City Thrills. This one has a black lot number in the inner ring, but the bottom is a true silver color.









Alleycat Scratch - Encore. CD does NOT have a lot number on the inner ring and the bottom is a true silver in color. DVD is a burned DVD-R (label said as much).











Decadent Daughters - Black & Blue. No lot number, true silver bottom.







Slam Alley - 21 Fire. No lot number, true silver bottom.









Pretty Wild - All the Way. No lot number, true silver bottom.









All of the discs have the printing on the disc itself (no labels), and under magnification they appear to be 4-color silk-screen printed. All the discs were polywrapped.


Bottom line: if they're CDRs, other than the first one it's not glaringly apparent...

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as mentioned in the other thread re alleycat scratch, the 4 disc compilation set were 'very silver' but had the lot numbers as usually apparent on cdrs which was the give away.


Usually with pressed cds, it's there some other manufacuters marks or coding around the centre? I take it from your descriptions that there isn't any of this?

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Wow, I want that Slam Alley CD cover... uh, CD. I want the whole thing, of course. :lol:


Hey Dan, does it say who the cover model is? Looks a lot like Amy Reid.


Anyway, on topic, if it looks silver to me it's fine with me. I know I'm in the minority, but I really am not phased by the finer details - I honestly don't even know what you chaps are talking about in regards to lot numbers, coding etc. :lol:

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I don't have a problem with these, and I've never had a big issue with bands/labels releasing their own material as CDRs, as long as the printing/packaging quality is good.


My biggest problem has been with entities "reissuing" material that originally WAS silver pressed, now as CDRs, but not telling people what they're getting. You end up with people bidding/buying on the assumption that they are receiving the former, and they end up with the latter. "Bait and switch" as it were.




P.S. No model credits on the Slam Alley artwork... :(

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P.S. No model credits on the Slam Alley artwork... :(

Disappointing. :( I wonder if Amy Reid has a twin sister? *Brain, scrotum and face explode from "possibilities overload"*

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