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Psycho throws 4yo daughter 58m from bridge


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THE man who allegedly threw his four-year-old daughter off the West Gate Bridge in Melbourne asked security guards to take his children before being arrested.


The Herald Sun reports the girl was pulled from the water by water police at about 9.30am after apparently being thrown 58 metres from the bridge.


Despite reports that she had died, the Royal Children's Hospital insists she remains alive but is in a critical condition with massive internal injuries.


A 35-year-old Hawthorn man was arrested after security staff at the Commonwealth Law Courts noticed him standing in the foyer. He is believed to be the father of the girl.


Security staff noticed that the man was shaking like a leaf and staring with wild eyes. One described the man as catatonic.


They called police and several officers arrested the man, who offered no resistance.



At the time of his arrest, police had no indication that the man was connected to the West Gate Bridge incident.


It is believed two children were found at the court building and were taken into protective custody. Witnesses say one of the children was in nappies.


The man is believed to have had a Family Court matter in the Federal Magistrates Court yesterday.


'He threw the child and then drove off'


Witnesses told police they saw a man stop on an inbound lane near the top of the West Gate. It is believed the young child was then thrown over the edge.


He threw the child into the waters below and then drove off, they said.


Police say the vehicle was a white Toyota 4WD and the incident happened around 9.10am (AEDT).


Paramedic team manger Trevor Weston said paramedics worked on the girl for about 50 minutes at the scene.


"Anything that involves children takes its toll on paramedics. Fortunately it's not a very frequent occurrence," he said.


"Everyone at the scene did a fantastic job and we're very focused on doing everything they could for the child."


Homicide squad Detective Inspector Steve Clark said the incident was very distressing for family members and for people who saw it.


"A number of witnesses are upset and I have got a number of police here who have young children themselves who have had to deal with this and they are obviously upset," he said.


He said water police were on the scene within 10 minutes to drag the four-year-old girl from the water.


He said it appeared no one on the bridge had time to stop the man. Det-Insp Clark said the man's two other children may have been in the car with him.


He said the girl's mother had been informed and was with police.


"She's currently assisting police the best she can in terrible terrible circumstances," he said

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They should have put that c :censored: t back in the car, taken him back to the bridge, dangled the fucker over the edge by his ankles making sure it was concrete below then drop the fucker so he would splatter when he hit the ground.......This is why I would have the death penalty here any day for fuckers like this :2up:

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FUCK!!....I've never understood why people feel the need to kill their children when they want to check out of this world.....wake up people your children aren't property, you don't get to take them with you.....take that journey alone you sick fucks!!...here's another example of this shit.... :angry:





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You can watch the report on it here




Here is a picture of the prick who did it




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