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Ratt solos


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Could someone give me a list of all the songs Robbin plays lead on? I know most of the tracks but apparently there are more.

I also know he did none on the Detonator album.



All I know are the songs in Dancing Undercover. Robbin did the Driving Me Crazy and Looking for Love. Which, in my opinion are better than all of the solos that I've heard from Warren DeMartini.

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Warren was the main lead player and played most of the RATT solos throughout those years with RATT,though Robbin played a few and they'd often trade licks live'.Robbin was one helluva a writer,they'll NEVER replace that dude.Warren and Robbin were without a doubt one of the best twin attacks ever!

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OK I've worked out Robbin's solos by listening to the style of each one.


On Out Of The Cellar he did the second one on Wanted Man, the second one on Round and Round, She Wants Money, Lack Of Communication and Scene Of The Crime.


On Invasion Of Your privacy he did Never Use Love, Closer To My Heart, What You Give Is What You Get, Got Me On The Line and You Should Know By Now.


On Dancin' Undercover he did Drive Me Crazy and Looking For Love as it says on the album booklet.


On Reach For The Sky he did I Want A Woman and I THINK I Want To Love You Tonight.


And he did none on Detonator.

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