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Night Ranger

66 mustang

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I heard this last year when it was released in Europe I guess.

I've never been a big fan of Night Ranger(at least I've never owned much of their cds) but I wasn't very impressed with this cd at all.

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Yeah, I've all but forgotten about this one. I don't think I liked it at all bar one or two tracks which I never need to hear again.

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This is okay, but only worth getting if you see it really cheap. The songs are mostly forgettable, & whereas it's better than turkeys like "Feeding Off the Mojo" it's nothing amazing IMO.

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Gosh...I really think it's a cool album I think it's got a real edge to it.


Agree with you there Nick, very good album, some great songs, albeit a little different to what they`ve

done before (not a bad thing) in places :beerbang:


As I`ve mentioned elsewhere, Fool In Me is my standout track :banana:

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Well, Well, Well. been listening to this album for about 3 days now and I've gotta say now that some time has passed I kind of like the album now. a couple of really nice Night Ranger styled ballads on here helps out too. Not that is has become my new fav album by any means but I probably have enjoyed the cd more that I ever have. Revelation 4am is the last really good song I heard before I finished up in the shower. Yeah, Yeah, most of my music time is when I'm in the shower now-a-days.

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