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Slash Puppet


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While I prefer the self-titled release, No Strings Attached is a very good effort from Slash Puppet, and the songs contained on it, actually pre-date the self titled release by 4 years. :)


You can hear samples of all the tunes here:



And here's some background on the release:



Slash Puppet


Next up, the news only gets better for all the deprived fans of quality 80's hard rock with another A grade signing. In Suncity Record's quest to scour the globe for the best of what hard rock has to offer, we have definitely hit the jackpot!! Stopping by the beautiful country of Canada. We have been lucky enough to secure Canada's finest hard rock band Slash Puppet and we are all so excited that this great band have joined the Suncity family in the pursuit of keeping the flame alight.


Most people know Slash Puppet for their stunning 1993 self-titled release but what a lot of people don't know is that they had an awesome debut album they released in 1989 as a cassette only issue. Suncity Records will be presenting their classic debut with all the typical Suncity perks. Once again, this album has been going for top dollar on Ebay and for a very good reason. Slash Puppet's major features are great attitude, massive gang backing vocals, excellent production and an awesome image. You couldn't really ask for more in a hard rock release.




After well over a year trying to hunt down the masters, with many leads from many people, we have finally got lucky big time!! These classic recordings will be presented in their full glory and believe me, they sound better than ever. Better news yet, this CD will be released early 2007.


I was never lucky enough to see Slash Puppet live in concert but from all reports they really ripped it up, with a stage show that had more energy than a nuclear power plant.


When it comes to the music, think Skid Row, Britny Fox, think fellow Canadians Smash L.A., Slik Toxik, Sweden's finest Swedish Erotica, even the great Polish outfit, Lessdress. Vocalist Mif's attitude will jump out of your speakers, grab you by the scruff of the throat and wack you over the head from the very first second of the very first track: Slash Puppet - Evil Woman




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Just been listening to a few tracks from 'No Strings Attached' and it sounds bloody good to me. I like my sleaze rock sleazy and not punky, if you know what I mean!


Bit of a dilemma though, not sure whether to pay more than I usually would for a CD to get hold of it. Can't find it cheap online and none in the UK (which doesn't help with the pound being so pathetic at the moment).


Any other comments on this one?



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