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Pharaoh - BE GONE

Fat Freddy

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Anyone else dig this Maidenesque power metal band from the USA?? Their previous two CDs (THE LONGEST NIGHT and AFTER THE FIRE) both totally KILL! Can't wait to hear new stuff!! :beerbang: Wes, I think you'll be interested to read about the Riot connection... which I highlighted in bold for ya. :lol:


From Blabbermouth:




PHARAOH: 'Be Gone' Artwork Revealed - Feb. 25, 2008


American heavy metal band PHARAOH will release its third album, entitled "Be Gone", in March via Cruz del Sur Music. Like its critically-acclaimed predecessor, "The Longest Night", the new album was recorded with Matt Crooks at MCR Studios in Manassas, Virginia. "Be Gone" was mastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering.


"Be Gone" track listing:


01. Speak to Me

02. Dark New Life

03. No Remains

04. Red Honor

05. Buried at Sea

06. Rats and Rope

07. Cover Your Eyes and Pray

08. Telepath

09. Be Gone


As a special treat for fans (and, it must be said, for the band themselves) the track "Dark New Life" features guest guitar solos from Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz from RIOT. Jim Dofka also appears for the third time on as many PHARAOH albums, contributing his extraordinary guitar chops to the song "No Remains".


A release date, song samples, and cover art for "Be Gone" will be revealed in the coming weeks.


PHARAOH will celebrate the new album and its ten-year history by performing live for the first time ever (!!) at Keep It True X on April 5, 2008, at Tauberfrankenhalle, Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The festival is completely sold out as of September.

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Pharaoh ?? Never heard of these guys.Any good? Whats the singer sound like? ....


Do you know Control Denied (the late Chuck Schuldiner's short lived prog-power band)? Tim Aymar, who sang for Control Denied, is Pharaoh's singer.


I'd say they're kinda like an Americanized sounding Iron Maiden circa POWERSLAVE.

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Here's a good review on their "After the Fire" cd on amzon.com. Just scroll down.




You can listen to samples too.


There's four songs from their first two albums on their myspace:




Their cds are available here for a good price:


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A song from BE GONE called "No Remains" has just been added to the band's MySpace page. Sounds pretty durn good to me. :beerbang:

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Good stuff!...on occasion I am in the mood for speed metal. :)

So, uh, would it be safe to say that sometimes you like it fast? ;)





I can't believe i missed that one.



and to awnser your question....GUILTY! :nyanya:

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Anyone still listening to this? Or was anyone besides Keef and myself playing this to begin with?


One of my top Metal albums of 2008. :headbanger:


I still dig it!

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Pharaoh is a great band. I have all their cds. Tim Aymar is one of my favorite singers. His voice is a w e s o m e! Of course my favorite cd with his voice is the one he did with the all star band Control Denied (with Chuck Schuldiner (RIP), Richard Christy, Steve DiGiorgio, Shannon Hamm). One of the best of the 90's!



:beerbang: :beerbang:

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