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Nasty idols

Dead Planet

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Oh wow, I thought these guys were done. Who is the lead singer? Is it the original guy of the one from the last album? Man these guys are a great band. Can't wait to hear new stuff. If they were at their best these guys could rival Crashdiet.


BTW, I f*cking hate being on a music site and not having access to sound sources. :(

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I never listened to these guys back in the day but remember their name.

The new song is pretty damn good and it makes me wonder wtf is in the water up in Sweeden.

Oh, my cousin if I ever get back in the whole uploading game I'll have to fix you up with, at the very least, their debut. If you love Shotgun Messiah, like I know you do, you will love these guys.

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They just randomely added me on Myspace, seems they have quite a following over here.


what are the chances that an HH band would actually find my profile?


Very slim I would say!!!

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4 samples now available .....new release due on march 27.......can hardly wait...... :tumbsup:






Oh man, awesome. Vintage Nasty Idols!!! That's the original lead singer, isn't it? Looking forward to the new disc.

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So what do people think of this new album, 'Boys Town'?


Track List:

01. Rock Out

02. Boys Town

03. Method To My Madness

04. Scar For Life

05. Nite Like This

06. Crashlanding

07. 48 Hours

08. 7 Year Itch

09. Evil One

10. It's Not Love

11. Need The Nite

12. It Ain't Easy


Sounds to me like a pretty cool follow up to 'Cruel Intentions'. The opening track comes out all guns blazing and smacks the listener in the face. For me, that's the albums best track. A real winner. So far that and '48 Hours' are the picks for me - both with monster riffs. Anyone else digging this?

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