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  1. Hi there.If you look at Stage Dolls homepage.www.stagedolls.com.And look under Biography you will find that the Commandos cd WAS realeased in the U.S on the BIgTime Records label.Should the information on the official band site be wrong? Perhaps the sources who says it´s a bootleg have more information than the band itself. Take a look on www.stagedolls.com. But with the large amount of Commandos floating around on Ebay right now,of course you get suspicious. Reagan
  2. Hi there! My copy of that cd looks precise like yours.I bought it from the guy who run the Melodicrock site.From what i know it´s the real deal.The only other copy i have seen of this cd also had this Kodak picture as front.The numbers on my copy is C1 103608-01 GVCD-9512 Technicolor.Hope this will be a help for you. By the way,this is my first post here.I hope i can contribute with something. Take care reagan
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