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  1. Short "Hear Another Song" video preview:
  2. Saga77

    Airbound - s/t

    Airbound's eponymoys debut album is available for pre-order from today via the Burning Minds Music Group's website in two different formats: - Standard CD edition - Ltd. personalized CD edition The "Ltd. special CD edition" edition comes with personalized printed card included, filled with handwritten name of the buyer, number of the copy and signature of Art Of Melody Music's label manager, that certifies the originality and exclusivity of the product. This very special edition is available in a strictly limited quantity of 50 copies, dedicated to all the great melodic rock music's collectors out there. Purchasing links (all orders will be dispatched on release date): - Standard CD edition: http://www.burningmindsgroup.com/shop/75 - Ltd. personalized CD edition: http://www.burningmindsgroup.com/shop/76 Airbound Line-up: Tomás Borgogna: Lead & Backing Vocals Lorenzo Foddai: Guitar & Backing Vocals Angelo Sasso: Bass & Backing Vocals Alessandro Broggi: Keyboards & Backing Vocals Riccardo Zappa: Drums & Percussion Special Guests: Davide "Dave Rox" Barbieri (Raintimes, Wheels Of Fire, Room Experience, Charming Grace): Backing Vocals on "The Sun Tomorrow" Mario Percudani (Hungryheart, Shining Line, Ted Poley, Axe): Guitar solo (Intro) & Backing Vocals on "Zhaneta" Josh Zighetti (Hungryheart, Charming Grace): Backing Vocals on "Zhaneta" Sven Larsson (Raintimes, Street Talk, Room Experience): Guitar solos (Main & Outro) on "Zhaneta"
  3. Saga77

    Cheap Trick - We're All Alright

    I dig their last album, can't wait to receive the new one!!!
  4. Saga77

    The Wild! - Wild At Heart

    This is a kick-ass album!
  5. Saga77

    Tim Karr

    I dig that old Tim Karr album!
  6. Saga77

    Revolution Saints - 2017

    Sounds promising!

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