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Sellers and Traders BEWARE

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Many of you collectors know me, I've bought and sold on E Bay for several years and traded with many of you. Some of you have posted searching for artwork and I've just sent it over to you without asking anything in return. Last month, I unfortunately became involved in a transaction with an individual from the UK who uses the E Bay ID of PXPSI. To this day, I do not know his name. He paid me $305 for 4 CDs won on E Bay using PAY PAL and he identified himself as P-K T with the PAY PAL payment. He insisted his package be sent express mail and gave me a list of things I must do to send his package and in his very first e mail, told me he wasn't going to be overcharged for postage like all the American sellers do to him. That should have put up a red flag for me. Being the amiable person I am, I deviated from my posted and normal mailing methods and submitted to his wishes and sent the package with Express Mail tracking. The USPS express mail tracking number was ER 339264151US and the USPS.COM web site indicates it was delivered. He had me address the package to TSAI. No name! He now claims he did not get his package and filed a Pay Pal complaint. They have deducted his payment from my account and at this moment, my PAY PAL account is frozen. I told him I would file an iquiry with the post office to see who signed for the package and the delivery address, but, he couldn't wait for that. He insisted I send him $305 immediately. The guy has given me negative feedback on E Bay two weeks after the transaction and now he e mails continuously wanting me to tell him the progress of the insurance claim because he wants me to send him the insurance money too. I'm out $300 worth of CDs, he got $305 deducted from my PAY PAL account, now he is insisting I send him more money from insurance. If I conceded to his wishes, this transaction will eventually cost me close to $1,000.00.


I recall a few months ago a thread on melodicrock.com about someone else having a bad experience with a fellow in the UK and was wondering if I screwed up and dealt with the same fellow?


At least, I want those of you selling and trading to be aware of this guy so you don't experience the fate I was subjected to. Oh yes, this guy uses several Yahoo web based e mail addresses and they do not bear his name either. I guess I should make that rule #1. If someone refuses to tell you about himself or his name, that is a good indication he has something to hide and can slip into the shadows. This experience has really taken the wind out of my sails and I certainly don't want any of you to have to go through this!



Delbert .................. E Bay ID "delclemons"

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Hi Del, yep that is the guy who ripped me and Chris at hardrock haven off. he got me for $210. he got chris for a Bronx zoo cd and claimed he did not get it, so he filed a complaint to paypal and they did the same thing to chris that he did to you. froze his account and he had to pay the guy the $200 for the cd. then the guy tried to sell it tome, actually that is how he ripped me off. recently he tried to rip of Adriano, using the same alias you listed, TSAI for the UK. I caution anyone not to deal with anyone who will not tell you his real name. I have done some investigaing and apparently his real name, or at least another alias is Michael Stone, he is at the cambridge campus in the uk. I was wondering if we could contact paypal together and report this fraudulant dude. also, he can really send some nasty emails, I won't list them but I have a complete file of some really vulgar, & vicious emails he sent me. I know he did the same to Chris, and Adriano as well. he also left them neg feedback. if anybody is reading this and you might be dealing with this guy, DO NOT CONDUCT ANY TRADES OR SELL ANYTHING TO ANYBODY WITH THE FOLLOWING ALIASES:





or the ebay user id's




also after chris and I had our experiece with this crook, he changed one of his user id's to michaelbuttandchristopherandmichelleallen

I guess to spite me and chris, but he put chris's wife in there too. let me know if I can be of any help. I will do anything I can to put a stop to this jerk. Michael

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Hello, honest traders!


Yes, we have another case of thievery into the aor/mhr circle. Michael Butt, PJ, Delbert, Chris, me (almost)...Who is the next? My story is simple: I sold some itens last month on ebay. The ebayer z3q (aka pxpsi, 8qx...) won one of my auctions: Dr. Sin s/t for US$ 75.00 (item # 2544031098). He also asked me the price for Heartless s/t (reserve price was not met). I asked US$ 250.00 for both including postage (registered). He paid 2 days after through Paypal.


As always, I asked him all details, complete name, address...He didn’t provide me, he sent me the following address:







I suspected, and contacted some friends/partners. Michael, Tim...The reply was the same: do not deal with this guy, he is a bad ebayer. I wrote to the suspect and asked him to provide me a real name, not an alias. He asked to send to MR. PI CHOI....


Immediately I refunded his money . The transaction ID is: Refund ID #2UM26188AF2084212

In reference to: 8YA51630X3118351E.


He sent me nasty emails with many threats, but I prefered to receive a negative feedback (my first!), and do not risk my precious and honest money. He was mad...tried to charge me US$ 53.00 to cover his costs (?????). Obviously he was trying anyway to get my money: a perfect example of extortion.


I didn’t reply his emails (threats, abuses, horrible words...the same history). He left me a nasty feedback (my first negative), I selected to make my feedback page private until I decide what I would do. I was ashamed.

I asked PJ if I could write something after his feedbacks for me (after the negative he left me 4 positve comments), of course he agreed (thanks again, dude!)...Obviously z3q (MR. PI CHOI) was furious again...I don’t mind.


I was thinking if I would write something here, because I am tired to hear horrible storie about fraud, extortion, bad traders, thiefs....


Today I received an email from ebay: a fraud complaint against me! Believe or not...The reason: VENGEANCE. He said that I am dishonest (true! and my name is Pele), I am deceiving people around the world (oh, yeah, I am rich!), I didn’t have any cd that I listed (I am a magician!)...He didn’t show any proof, only his word (ok...will you believe in a well known scamp???) simply because he doesn’t have anything, except if he fabricates...


I responded the complaint to ebay showing all the proofs and alerting them about this professional swindler. I am waiting the reply.


We are obliged to exclude this kind of person from our circle, we need to fortify our community, togheter!!!!


If anyone has any question, feel free to email me.


Sorry about my english...


All the best


Adriano Boimel – adboimel@uol.com.br :help::headbanger:

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I too was ripped off for about $130 from someone who was from the UK and never really gave me there name. It pisses me off that there are people out there who ruin this way of trading, buying, & selling over the internet. Delber I would like to thank you personaly for bringing this to everyone's attention, and Michael Butt & adboimel for there comments. Ya know adboimel, I have known of you in the collecting circle for quite some time now but, I don't even know your name, so I hope you are not affended whan I refered to you as adboimel.

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I've dealt with rip-off artists on eBay also. only one had to do with a CD, but it wasn't an expensive one so I wasn't too worried.


I had my eBay account hi-jacked in July of 2003 and it was shut down for about 9 days. I got to it in the nick of time to cancel the auction some shithead had placed under my name for a $2600 plasma TV. I hadn't sold anything for quite some time, so I never checked my seller section. I recieved an e-mail in my inbox stating my request to change my e-mail address. I had never changed it so I went to my account and made sure it was still the same one I had always used. I LUCKILY recieved an e-mail about 2 minutes later from a guy asking if he could bid on my auction and I was a little confused to what he meant. I went to my eBay account and found the TV listing so I cancelled the auction and notified eBay immediately.


My first complaint is that eBay makes it damn near impossible to contact them!!! I spent almost 5 minutes going from automated page to automated page trying to get to the fraud section. I got my complaint filed and recieved the notification in my e-mail along with another statement that I had changed my e-mail addy again.


I went back to my eBay account and it would not accept my password this time. I used my secret question and changed everything back again. I knew I was racing with someone on the other end to get my info changed. He was trying to lock me out of the account. Eventually he won, but for only a minute. I notified eBay about my account being hi-jacked and they shut down the account name for an investigation.


My second complaint about eBay, they take forever to get back to you about anything and those automatically generated e-mails they send make me furious :angry: They are so impersonal. After 3 days of not hearing anything from them, I called my ex-fiance and asked her to come over and log into her old eBay account and e-mail addy. I had bookmarked the cancelled auction page. We went into her account and clicked on my username and preceeded to e-mail the guy asking why the auction was cancelled. It took the idiot about 35 minutes to respond. Here it is:


HI ,


Thanks for your email.


The product is brand new,completly working and very performant ,in

unopened box,comes up with all accessories and the unit has international transferable warranty from the manufacturer.I will send you in the package an original invoice with all the papers (warranty,insurance...) .The buy it now price is $2600 US(I have closed the auction earlier so I can keep this low price).I am right now in Spain with this kind of deal and I prefere to receive the money via Western Union wire transfer ,because its fast and trouble free and as a shipping carrier i will use UPS express services because I have worked with them in the past and they were very fast and secure.Now,I understand u need protection for yourself and I need protection for myself so please take a good look at the situation:


My feedback rating speaks for itself. I am a completely trustworthy

person. I take online transactions extremely seriously.I am a man of my

word and I will promise to do this deal safe. I will allow you to send

this to a third party name via WU. I am not trying to be difficult, I am trying to run this deal legitimately and smoothly.I know that it is a large sum of money to just be sending blindly.


You do sound and honest and a genuine person and i'm like you in that and I want everything to be 100% fine.

Tell you what, you'll put the money in another name(your best friend

name for example), but with my location(Spain) to know when the money have arrived to my country.This way I'll be able to track the transaction and check that the amount has been deposited accordingly.


Upon receiving the package with the product in it, you will check it

the same day and e-mail me back confirming it is all ok and that you have changed the name on the transaction itself to mine. This will enable me to pickup the money and i hope we can continue to do business on a regular occurence which is very swift, hassle free and beneficial to the both of us.Let me know asap what you think.

Kindest Regards.




Does that NOT sound SHADY as hell? He had even used my name as the e-mail header and my eBay ID @ dzite.com


I then asked him why it said the account was suspended and I got this e-mail back from him:


Here is what happened:I have received an offert from a so called ebay buyer to accept a deal outside eBay and i said yes.In fact,the buyer was working for eBay and since I didn't knew that this was against their rules,it got me suspended.Now i'm trying to sell them outside.Let me knoow if you are interested.





I then sent him a very nasty letter stating who I was and he was now officially BUSTED!!!


eBay finally called me 9 days later to verify who I was. She was very nice, but I told her my complaints about their notification system. and the amount of time they took to even get back to me.


I have recieved many e-mails that look like they are from eBay stating that they have to update my info and my account was frozen until I do so. They then send you a link to go and log into your account. DO NOT EVER do this. It's their own page to copy your username and password. If you even do that, there's another page that'll have you resubmit your Paypal ID and address and all your other info. They now have control of your entire eBay account and you'll be nailed for alot of money. I heard from a friend that it happened to him so I knew what the e-mail was and forwarded it to eBay.


eBay will NEVER send you an e-mail asking for info

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Sorry to hear you guys say you had so much trouble from this prick,please dont think all UK ebayers are like this,we aint,although I do admit that I agree with him on one thing about a lot of US ebayers overcharging on postage.

This still doesnt mean I agree with what he has done!


I do a lot of dealing with the US for CDs & DVDs mostly & I dont argue the price of postage cause basically all I care about is getting my goods & having the smoothest transaction possible!

If you guys ever have dealing with blundell_brundle,I can assure you that you will get no such problems!


Rock on dudes!

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hi folks,

i know i am replying to a very old post but i just thought i would let you know that this guy you are talking about bought a high dollar cd from me back on 4/20/03 , now this transaction went just fine apart from the rather high demands of how he wanted the item sent. So anyways, i didn't have a problem with this seller claiming fraud or claiming he never received it. However , after going back thru my paypal records , [yes his screen name is PXPSI] i found his name and address:


Darwin College,

Cambridge, CB3 9EU,

United Kingdom.


i hope everyone has blocked this bidder from any further purchases on ebay.

i wish everyone the best!

Aaron McCaslin, ebay's RECORDJNKY


ISAIAH 38:20

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