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The Uninteresting Thread


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Ok....time for another pointless fun thread.

In this thread you can put anything that would be totally uninteresting to, well, anyone. Don't make stuff up though. Just use everyday, ordinary boring shit.



I'll start....



The pen on my desk is out of ink.

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That reminds me: My water bottle on my desk is empty.

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hmmmm.......dunno 'bout y'all.....but men's underthingy's are pretty interesting to me. :devil:  :lol:


If this thread was supposed to be interesting I'd mail you mine but since it should remain the opposite and to stay on topic I will just mention the fact that I have enjoyed a second frozen pizza (they are small, we're not talking like full size or anything) and another plate now sits upon my desk awaiting a good washing.

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A coupon for $1.00 of my next purchase of Aleve is sitting on my desk....................it expires in March of 2007.............

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I have three calendars in my office.........

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My calculator reads 131.00, I wonder what I was calculating.


My tax refund? :P


:lol: Yes, I believe that's what that is.


BTW I still have not removed the plate from my desk upon which sat my pizza earlier.

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