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Nationwide - new band from Sweden


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From FB:

We are currently in the studio writing and recording our debut album, and will share video clips and pictures during the process. Contact has been made with record companies and in the not too distant future, more good and exciting news will be presented.....so stay updated, follow and spread the word.

NATIONWIDE has just stepped out into the light and we can promise you that 2024 will be a great year....remember that although borders separate our countries, music has no borders, it is Nationwide.


Peter Ledin - guitars

Richard Holmgren - drums

Carl Berglund - guitars

Mikael Hagström - bass

Mikael Rosengren - keyboards

Daniel Groth - vocals

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From Pride & Joy Music:


Pride & Joy Music welcomes Swedish Melodic Rock group Nationwide Sweden to its roster! The debut album by this new exciting band is set for a release in late Summer 2024.

In 2023 longtime friends and songwriters Carl Berglund (ex AGE OF REFLECTIONS) and Peter Ledin decided to put together the band that they dreamed of, a band that would close the gap between classic AOR and modern rock and bring something new to the melodic rock scene.

They teamed up with bass player Mikael Hagström (ex: Age of Reflection) drummer Richard Holmgren (ex: Scaar, Grand Design, Wolf) and keyboard player Mikael Rosengren (Heartwind, Circle of Friends) to form new melodic rock band NATIONWIDE.

The band searched for a completely new voice and are happy to introduce singer Daniel Groth. Daniel was an immediate perfect match, and his voice became the color and nuances that completed the musical artwork that Peter and Carl had begun sketching.

NATIONWIDE is all about the refuge that music means to us all.

That music has no national borders, it is Nationwide

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Hmmm not bad...takes a wee while to get going and by that I mean it didnt hit me til about half way through.

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On 3/8/2024 at 4:06 PM, Stefan said:

New song 'Reason'.




I love the sample from The Matrix at the beginning

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Safe, but a nice song. 

Did they name their band after a random HEAT song? 

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