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Nightblaze - s/t


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Press release:

Nightblaze began in 2021 as the brainchild of Italian composer, multi-istrumentalist and producer Dario Grillo (PlatensViolet Sun), with the intent to create a solid, up-to-date sound with deep 80’s melodic rock influences. Rising Italian rock star, Damiano Libianchi (Perfect View), was hired on vocals, and the full line-up was completed by the involvement of Dario‘s brother, Alex Grillo (Platens, Violet Sun, Verdemela) on drums, and Federica Raschellà (Steel Tyrant, Evil Eyes) on bass.

“Nightblaze” will set a high bar for melodic rock music in 2024, thanks to a collection of songs with infectious hooks, big vocals and a tight musicianship, all crafted in a bombastic 80’s production sound.

The release of the eponymous debut album is scheduled for March 22, 2024 via Art Of Melody Music / Burning Minds Music Group. The CD booklet features introductory liner notes written by Ant Heeks (Fireworks Magazine), while cover art and CD graphics have been developed by Aeglos Art (Wheels Of Fire, Platens, StreetLore, Raintimes, Room Experience)

The first single of the album, “Tell Me”, will be launched with an official video on January 10, 2024.

01. Sudden Blast
02. Take On Me
03. You’re Gone
04. Diana
05. Tell Me
06. Hold On To Me
07. Carry On
08. Fading Away
09. Fragments Of Time
10. Daughter

Nightblaze is:

Damiano Libianchi: Lead & Backing Vocals
Dario Grillo: Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Federica Raschellà: Bass
Alex Grillo: Drums

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I’m surprised there’s not more of a buzz about these guys here on the board. “Tell Me” and “ Take on Me” (no, those aren’t White Lion and A-Ha cover songs) are both solid AOR/melodic rock songs. The vocals on the verses could use a little more “umph”, but the choruses are quite tasty. 

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Bloody hell, I knew nothing about this one but it's very good. Super consistent album - all of the first 8 tracks are keepers for me, which is pretty impressive... especially from a band I was expecting it from. 

Favourite song is this one;


The album actually reminded me a lot of Khymera. Well worth checking out. 

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Yeah this arrived today for me, pretty darn good stuff , the singer is very good and the overall sound/feel is polished....yet another nice surprise release for me.

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