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Bret Michaels - Back in the Day / New single


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Bret Michaels - Back in the Day

Poison lead vocalist Bret Michaels has unveiled a video for his brand new single / the “road trip anthem” “Back In The Day.” The new single was written by Michaels and guitarist Pete Evick. The duo played all the instruments on the new song except for the rhythm guitar played by Norman Voss and harmonies contributed by Meri Schaeffer. Evick produced and engineered the new track. 

Michaels states “’Back In The Day’ is truly a modern day throwback to a feel good road trip anthem. The video reflects an image of early MTV videos with green screen, pop up captions and never-before-seen photos and never-before-seen original Hi-8 images of my youth. It is a song that truly reflects on great times and pays homage to the radio stations and DJs that cranked up the music and brought us great songs that have withstood the test of time, that all my friends and I would sing along to then and now.” Bret continues, “Music is a universal language meant to unite us not divide us and that is exactly what this song is about and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to sing along to as is the video to watch as it weaves a story of my life and the music that rocked it!”

Bret Michaels‘ “Back In The Day” video:

Poison frontman Bret Michaels releases video for new single "Back In The Day" - Sleaze Roxx

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What? You guys don’t like this new “anthem”? 😂

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Can't wait for his new "album" which will essentially be a 6 track EP but he will also stick a bunch of songs on it that have been on previous albums so he can charge his "fans" even more money.

Oh what's that, I forgot to buy his last album? Probably forget to buy this as well.

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