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R.I.P. Larry Greene (Fortune, Harlan Cage)


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Very sad news..we are devastated at
the passing of the Great Larry L.A. Greene, our
brother, singer, song writer, and
We will miss his irreplaceable voice,
quik wit, and sense of humor…
felt more alive in his energetic
Janine Larry’s wife wanted me to share the love he had for us and the fans…
Our hearts go out to Larry’s family…
He will be dearly missed…💔


Terrible news. :(



Blasting this legendary album in his memory.


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Very sad to hear about this. A very special voice that made the great Fortune and Harlan Cage stand out. R.I.P. Larry.

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I was listening to that Fortune album just last week, actually. How sad. He was certainly an extremely distinguishable song-writer with an immediately recognisable handle of his craft. Rest in peace. 

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Dear Larry, you were really the best AOR vocalist and songwriter with Harlan Cage and Fortune. You were better than anyone from Journey, Foreiigner or Survivor.

Larry, you were the most talentented Singer and Songwriter in the AOR World. I promise, we listen to your songs forever and won‘t ever forget you - last kisses from Germany, Andrea and Uli and R.I.P. our idol Larry 😘

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