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The Kill - Wake The Dead


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The Kill "Wake The Dead" coming from Eonian 25th November

THE KILL ‘Wake The Dead.’ ‘Wake The Dead’ features eight tracks produced, engineered, mixed, & mastered by John Kurzweg, who would soon become a multi-platinum record producer and record local Tallahassee band CREED. Three of CREED's records, which Kurzweg produced & mixed, were certified multi-platinum and helped the band achieve worldwide popularity and produce other popular rock artists such as Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, and Eagle Eye Cherry. ‘Wake the Dead’ also features two never released demo sessions. Features Will Hunt on drums, who went on to write, record, and tour with many high-profile bands, most notably Stuck Mojo, Dark New Day, Black Label Society, Device, Tommy Lee, George Lynch, Michael Sweet, Slaughter, and currently, the multi-platinum selling, worldwide touring band, EVANESCENCE.

A MUST for fans of Skid Row, Badlands, & Sweet FA.


Jason Jette Decker on Vocals

Kip Elder on Guitar

Jason Jameson on Guitar

Sammy Allen on Bass

Will Hunt on Drums

Eonian Records


1. Wake The Dead

2. Why Should I Follow

3. Catch Your Fall

4. The Nudie Bar

5. The Hell You Are

6. The Garden

7. 24 Years

8. Mistress Kitty

9. Maybe

10. Kiss You For The Last Time

11. Mexico

12. The Devil Drives A John Deere Tractor (With Fuel Injection)

13. I Wanna Know

14. Gina’s Penis


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Don't love either of those songs, but still curious for sure. I'd like to hear what this one's like. 

lol @ the last song. Very curious to hear what 'Gina's Penis' is all about. 

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Yeah, sadly I couldn't really get into this one much. I appreciated the stab at a sound somewhat similar to someone like Sven Gali, but there's no songs on here that are in any danger of competing with the likes of Sven Gali's debut. I hate to say stuff like this, but by the end of the album you kind of understand why they couldn't land a record deal. Just needed better songs, unfortunately. 

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3 hours ago, SunsetHoliday said:

The question still remains however, how is Gina's Penis?

Its actually a song with lyrics...I thought it was gonna be an instrumental of some sort...but no its a song that sounds recorded either live or live in a studio (demo wise) sounds like Skid Row to me.

As for the disc I'm really enjoying it,love that title track its stuck in my head...across between Slik Toxik,Lynch Mob & Skid Row  :)

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