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Rob Moratti - Epical


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Press release:

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of "Epical", the new solo album from vocalist Rob Moratti.

Moratti is a solo artist, the lead vocalist of Moratti and Final Frontier, and the former singer of Saga. Moratti, a genuine and true original, has an astonishing range and has carved a unique style for himself, blending the finest elements of melodic and progressive rock.
Thist will be Rob's fifth solo album and his first release with Frontiers. Filled with his trademark harmonies and memorable choruses, the songs on "Epical'' are some of the best of Rob's career. The album also features a stellar cast of contributing writers and performers, including Joel Hoekstra on lead guitar, Tony Franklin on bass, Felix Borg on drums (and co-writing), Fredrik Bergh on keys (and co-writing), Ulrick Lönnqvist, Steve Augeri, and Pete Alpenborg (who also contributes rhythm guitar and keyboard). Needless to say this is quite a line up for this excellent album!

Moratti started his professional singing career in the early 90's as lead vocalist and songwriter of the band Moratti.
They were immediately well received, garnering airplay in Japan and Europe. In 2002, Rob's future went forward with Final Frontier, a band with whom he has released four incredible melodic-minded metal albums.

Over the years in spite of all the changes in the music scene, Rob's perseverance and passion have stayed strong. His talent captured the attention of the multi-platinum selling legendary progressive rock band SAGA and in 2008, Rob Moratti would become the new vocalist for the band for a period of time, appearing on 2009's "The Human Condition". Over the course of his solo career, Rob has also worked with many incredible musicians like Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, TSO, ex-Night Ranger)  Reb Beach (Whitesnake. Winger), Tony Franklin (ex- Blue Murder, The Firm), Brian Doerner (Saga), Ian Crichton (Saga), and Steve Augeri (ex-Journey).

1. Can I Hold You For A While
2. Masquerade
3. Nothing Left To Say
4. Valerie
5. Hold On
6. For The Rest Of My Life
7. Stay The Night
8. Love
9. Crash And Burn
10. You Keep Me Waiting
11. Strangers

Rob Moratti - Lead Vocals & Background Harmonies
Joel Hoekstra - Rhythm & Lead Guitars
Pete Alpenborg - Rhythm Guitars & Keyboards
Tony Franklin - Bass
Felix Borg - Drums & Percussion, Keyboards on Track 11

Guest Musicians:
Fredrik Bergh - Keyboards on Track 6



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Mother of goodness, he's done it again. What a sudden surge in quality the young fella's having late in his career. I was quite taken aback by how much I enjoyed his last solo album. I thought it was really good, and completely unexpected. 

Well fast forward to this one, and I think he's outdone himself and even topped the last one... which was already a pleasant surprise. So this is a doubly pleasant surprise. 

I should make it clear that he's not re-inventing any wheels here. There's no new song title ideas, no new lyrics and probably not even any brand new hook ideas, but what he does is take everything that was already awesome about music and he puts it all together to form a really high quality album of melodic rock. 

So many highlights on this one, but my favourites would be 'Love' and 'Nothing left to say,' followed by 'Valerie,' 'Crash and burn' and 'You keep me waiting.' But even the weakest tracks on here are still pretty decent, and for the most part it's all really good to excellent. 


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Loved the Final Frontiers stuff and his first solo album, but he's sort of fallen of my radar on recent album, so  I decided to have a bit of a backtrack , starting with this new one. It really is a very decent album throughout, although ass Geoff says, absolutely no re-invention whatsoever, but it is done really well. I don't mind his voice at all, but can see why some might not get on with it.  Thumbs up from me

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