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Minus One - Red Black White (2018)


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Some pretty Fucking Awesome Melodic Hard Rock from Cyprus.

I'm sure "Kouros" must be all over these guys.

"Doggy" should also appreciate the Band's name, not to mention the Killer tunes.








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30 minutes ago, Dead Planet said:

Another nice find....amazing how much good music we seem to miss through the years....

It's endless mate.

That's what I love about it. 

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This band were Cyprus entry for the  Eurovision Song contest in 2016 (I think) with the song 'Alter Ego' which was really good. I managed to snag a promo copy from their management back in the day. Never did get around to getting the album...must rectify that





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Looks like this one will be getting a rerelease next year via Lion's Pride Music: Lions Pride Music | Release Schedule (lionsmusicshop.wixsite.com)

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This is getting a rerelease August 28th on Lions Pride Music.
From Lions Pride Music:

Minus One is a British singing, Cyprus based rock band, formed in 2009. The Band is based in Nicosia (Cyprus) and has so far performed in UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Austria, and Russia. Minus One is the most known rock band in Cyprus and performs over 90 live concerts every year, almost constantly since its inception. Its biggest event has been the attendance to Eurovision Song Contest in 2016, performing live in from of 16.000 people for six times, and attending the televised final, which was followed by 205 million people worldwide. In 2014, under the name Marianne’s Wish, 3 members of the band attended the Hard Rock worldwide contest, arriving 8th on over 10.000 bands, and winning a paid tour of the United States.

In 2014 the band members took the decision to enter the competition for the selection of a Cypriot representative at Eurovision 2015. This decision, unlikely for a rock band, was taken as it is basically the only way to become known abroad, since the size of the population of Cyprus (700,000 inhabitants) does not allow any local artist to reach international levels if not by leaving the country or finding a way to be known abroad (it may be worth pointing out that George Michael and Cat Stevens have both a Cypriot father). Thus the project to present the song "Shine" to the national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 was born, where it won the Jury Prize, ranking through third after the televoting. On 4 November 2015, the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) announced that the group would represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, without making any pre-selection. The song, titled "Alter Ego" was created by the Group in three weeks, and brought to the production of the Swedish composer Thomas G. Son. Rated the best ever entry from Cyprus, it made it through the final but ended up in the 21st position. However, in the next two weeks, the song found its right place at the top of the charts in Spotify and iTunes throughout most of Europe.

On the 2nd of July 2019, Minus One opened for Dream Theater and the Gazi Music Hall in Athens. The Minus One show lasted 40 minutes and was extremely well received by the 5000+ strong crowd, and by the press.

Minus One is:
Andreas Kapatais: Vocals
Chris J.: Drums
Max-O-Matic: Bass
Harrys Pari: Guitar
Constantinos Amerikanos: Guitar
Special Guest:
Semeli Panayiotou: Vocals on “You Don't Own Me”

01) The Greatest
02) How Does It Feel
03) Red Black White
04) Girl, 05) Psycho
06) Nothing For Nothing
07) Run Away
08) The Other Side Of Mind
09) Take Me Away
10) Sometimes
11) You Don't Own Me



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