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BAD ENGLISH unreleased 3rd Album?


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I came across a CDR that I didn't even know I had. Was this ever officially released?

Here's the tracklist:

01 – Pretty Lies
02 – Love Can’t Find You
03 – Who Is This Talking
04 – Love Burns
05 – Get You Back In My Life
06 – Inner City Refugees
07 – World Gone Wild
08 – Stay With Me
09 – Revenge
10 – Full Circle
11 – Hard Rain

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I think I've heard a few of, or most the Bad English songs, but are they actually songs planned for a third album, or are they just demos from the first two albums?

To me it always sounded much more like the latter.

There's some great tunes, but the sound quality is pretty enjoyment-sapping. Always loved 'Who is this talking' but it almost sounds like pre-Bad English era Jon Waite as opposed to something they were planning to release in 1993. 

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From wikipedia, so take it with a grain of salt-

The band's second album, Backlash (1991), came and went without any fanfare. The only single, "Straight to Your Heart," missed the Top 40, peaking at No. 42. Ricky Phillips writes on his website that the group had parted company before the second album had been mixed. Both Phillips and guitarist Neal Schon expressed frustration with the "pop" side of the band's songs and wanted a harder edge. In the end, it proved to be the band's undoing as everyone left to pursue other projects.

With that in mind it is impossible to assume there was even any remote plan for a third CD, so you'd have to assume all these tracks are cutting room floor leftovers from the first two albums. And some pretty nice ones, at that. 

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9 hours ago, Fatal Vision said:

This is not part of a third album. They are random demos that JW had around at the time. There may be _some_ that were leftovers from albums 1/2, but nothing that was planned for a not ever in the works #3, and it's hard to even hear Schon or Cain on any/most of them.

Pretty sure some of these were pre-Bad English Waite demos.

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