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Wicked Sensation - Outbreak


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Press release:

ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records is proud to announce the signing of one of the highest acclaimed Melodic Hard Rock/Metal acts, Southern Germany’s WICKED SENSATION. With an almost two decades lasting band existence and four impressive albums in the bag, but also with many line-up changes over the past years, the guys around mastermind Michael Klein (also known for his involvements with Khymera, Place Vendome, First Signal) and David Reece (ex-Accept, Bangalore Choir) are now a real unit and have pressed something like the reset button … new album, new label, new band logo, new promo forces in the back and new plans for increased live activities! The work on the upcoming album is well advanced and the band have teamed up again with a renowned and proven master behind the mixing desks, their close friend Dennis Ward. So all signs point to success and, without a doubt and just in time for their 20th anniversary, we can clearly say: WICKED SENSATION is armed and ready for the big throw! More soon …



David Reece – Vocals

Michael Klein – Guitar

Sang Vong – Guitar

Mitch Zasada – Bass

Bernd Spitzner – Keyboards

Alex Hlousek – Drums



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New album 'Outbreak' out December 17.


1. Mission Timewalker (Intro)
2. Starbreaker
3. Child Of Sorrows
4. Light In The Dark (feat. Gus G.)
5. Satisfy Temptation
6. Breaking Away
7. Face Reality
8. Hide Away
9. Jaded Lady
10. Step Into The Light
11. Tomorrow

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  • Stefan changed the title to Wicked Sensation - Outbreak

Hmmm been a while...the last release Adrenaline Rush wasn't too bad...Reece did a job akin to that with Tango Down but the Fernando Garcia fronted Exceptional remains my fav of these guys..but will give it a go

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Hes only on the two by these guys...at the minute  :) Fernando Garcia (Victory) sang on the their 2nd release Exceptional...Robert Soeterboek sang on the 1st and 3rd...hes credited on the 4th Adrenaline Rush...but Reece sang that one.

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On 12/17/2021 at 1:15 AM, Jacob M. said:

I decided to look into other David Reece albums. I'm not sure why, but pretty much anything with him on it sells for a higher price. Which is a little discouraging if you're trying to get a few.

Don't get that. Most of them are bog average.

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