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Romeo's Daughter


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What's you guys opinion on the debut Romeo's Daughter disc? I got it years ago and thought nothing of it, but I pulled it out to give it a listen and I'm liking it, there's some obvious Hysteria rip off going but it's alright.

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Love these guys! Their debut is a classic. A great mix between Melodic Rock and Pop. Mutt Lange is all over this. Production is top and elements of Lepp like you say. Not a bad song on it - Solid mix of stadium rockers and beautiful ballads.

The follow up ‘Delectable’ is excellent also but not quite as consistent as the debut. Their later efforts ‘Spin’ and ‘Rapture’ are both well worth picking up too. In fact they haven’t done a bad album.

I’ve seen them numerous times live, latest being 2019 and they are still a stellar act - Leigh Matty sounds every bit as good as the 80’s. Really lovely lady, always has time for everyone. 

Excellent band and I would encourage anyone who isn’t familiar to pick up their debut and work from there. 

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One of my favourite bands. Love everything they've done. 

Was lucky enough to get to see them last year before everything shut down. Even got a hug from the gorgeous Leigh Matty. 

They even wrote a song about our meeting. 

(1) Romeo's Daughter - Cannot Be The One - YouTube

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Hey thanx guys, man I just gotta say the song called I Cry Myself To Sleep At Night, holy fucking shit! that might be the single coolest bass line ive ever heard, and it's so simple, that right there is a product of Mutt, taking a bass line like that, and fucking with it till it's mind blowing, WOW, I dont know what I was thinking, why I blew this off after the first time listening to it, maybe it's because ive gotten into a lot more melodic shit as Ive gotten older, I use to like heavier shit, this is a killer disc.

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