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Mullett - The Originals


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MULLETT - The Originals

From New Haven, Connecticut  |  Release Date: March 19, 2021  |  Catalog #: ER00024

Ron Jovi - Lead Vocals
Dan Halen - Guitars, Keyboards
Teddy Lee - Bass
Jef Leppard - Drums

1. 80’s Girl
2. All About Love
3. Talking To A Stranger
4. Stop & Go (Follow Your Heart)
5. Tears In The Sky
6. On My Way
7. Into The Night
8. Around
9. Another Lonely Night
10. This Is Our Time Now




For the last decade, MULLETT has proven themselves to be THE Premier Rockers for Hair Band fanatics and lovers of Rock ‘n’ Roll. By delivering the best of the 1980’s in Big Hair and faithful renditions, MULLETT recreates the vibe of those times with unrivaled conviction. From corporate functions and private parties to college campuses, theaters, nightclubs and casinos, MULLETT has the unique ability to ROCK and captivate their audience with the sights and sounds of the Glam Band era. MULLETT fans agree; this is the closest anyone can get to classic Van Halen, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Journey and Poison without hitting 88mph in a tricked-out DeLorean. Catch MULLETT at a venue near you and let the 80’s live forever!

At the overwhelming demand of their fans, MULLETT is releasing some of their original songs to the world. MULLETT has chosen their most loved originals to share with you. For your listening pleasure here are "The Originals" featuring the new single "80's Girl".


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TJ (Tony) Gabriele, "Ron Jovi", lead singer of Mullett, was tragically taken from us entirely too young from complications due to Covid-19 while vacationing in Exuma, Bahamas. The family is now discovering not only the great cost to fly him back, but the incredible bureaucracy and red tape that exists to do so. Making matters much worse, because this is a Covid related death, there are many more protocols in place that must be met before he can re-enter the US. We have to believe that if Ron became sick in the US, the outcome would have been much different, but the reality is the family is determined to get him home on US soil. They are asking his countless fans for help, and all monies raised will go toward the expense to bring Ron home and to support his two biggest fans--his beautiful surviving children. As Ron always said "See ya next time...," we would love to see him one more time to say goodbye properly. Thank you for considering!



From Eonian Records:

EONIAN RECORDS is saddened to announce that Ron Jovi, lead singer of MULLETT passed away Friday, August 20th, while vacationing in the Bahamas. Ron was an incredible singer and showman extraordinaire, plus a loving father and friend to so many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ron’s family, Dan, Jef, Teddy and everyone in the MULLETT family. Ron, you are loved by many and will never be forgotten. Rock in peace!



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Holy shit, that's really sad about the lead singer. Had no idea that had happened. R.I.P. :(

But what's the go with this band? Is it just Secret Smile with new names for the same band members from that band (well, four of them at least)? 

The album is okay, but pretty poor replay value. Wasn't a massive fan of the songs when Secret Smile recorded most of them, and I feel like the production value is even weaker on this album, which hardly makes them sound any better. Still, sad news about the singer. 

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MULLETT (feat Ted Poley) – The Originals Volume 2 (2021)



MULLETT (feat Ted Poley) - The Originals Volume 2 (2021) full
various sources:

Formed a decade ago as a tribute band of all ’80s hard rock, hair metal and glam rock n’ roll culture, not only performing classic songs from the era but also recreating the stage shows, pyro et all, American rockers MULLETT are much more than a nostalgia act.

MULLETT write their own songs as well, and they released “The Originals” early this year. Now, we are surprised with “The Originals Volume 2“, eleven new songs from the band’s pen, of course inspired by the Sunset Strip.

MULLETT’s quality has been praised by musicians from the era like Janet Gardner of Vixen; “MULLETT is the most authentic new act bringing the ’80s back! – these guys not only wear spandex and a lot of hairspray, but they have the chops.”

Danger Danger’s Ted Poley said; “Bang Bang, what’s that sound? It’s MULLETT kicking the ’80s ass every night!” And Poley is so happy with them that agreed to record with them on “The Originals Volume 2”.


01 – Tell Me Why?
02 – Runaway
03 – All Of The Things I Ever Needed
04 – Don’t Want To
05 – I Believe In You
06 – Take A Chance On You
07 – Feels Like Forever To Me (feat. Ted Poley)
08 – Sorry It Didn’t Work Out
09 – Movin’ On
10 – We’re Sticking Around
11 – Wasn’t Meant To Be

Ron Jovi – Lead Vocals
Dan Halen – Guitars, Keyboards
Teddy Lee – Bass
Jef Leppard – Drums



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