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Terry Ilous - Hired Gun


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'Hired Gun' (The Best of Terry Ilous) is a compilation of songs sung by Terry Ilous from the albums La Famiglia Superstar (Italy), ‘Incognito’ by Duane Morano, and Bridger by Glen Bridger.

Over the years I have been hired to sing on many albums. Realizing that my fans may not be able to buy multiple albums for just a few songs, I have created 'Hired Gun', which I hope to be an ongoing series with music I have been hired to sing for artists around the world. On ‘Hired Gun’ I have picked my favorite works from three of these albums. - I hope you enjoy ! - Terry Ilous





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1 hour ago, Darkstone said:

Is this new?

Where did he get the idea for the name?

I'll be speaking to my attorneys! 

When I first clicked on this I thought you’d become a photoshop genius overnight. If there isn’t a image heading up the next ‘Hired Guns’ I’ll be disappointed mate. 

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I forgot to include the tracklisting. Here it is:

1. Love is a Lie – Incognito – (Ilous/ Fontaine / Caylor)

2. Tuesday Afternoon – Bridger – (Bridger / Ilous / Fontaine)

3. Can You Tell Me – La Famiglia Superstar – (Saluto / Fontaine / Ilous)

4. Once in a Lifetime – Bridger – (Bridger / Ilous / Fontaine)

5. Don’t Push Me – Bridger – (Ilous / Northrup)

6. I Want Love – Incognito – (Fontaine / Ilous / Caylor)

7. Never Enough – La Famiglia Superstar – (Saluto / Fontaine / Ilous)

8. Why – Incognito – (Ilous / Fontaine / Caylor)

9. Live For The Moment – Bridger – (Bridger / Ilous / Fontaine)

10. I Come Around – La Famiglia Superstar – (Saluto / Fontaine / Ilous)

11. On The Ledge – Bridger – (Bridger / Ilous / Fontaine)

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