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Shortino - Make A Wish


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New album out April 24 in Japan.




1 Send in the Clowns - feat. Marco Mendoza (bass) & Vinnie Paul (drums)

2 Shout and Pride - feat. Uriah Duffy (bass) & Ryuichi Nishida (drums)

3 Bluff - feat. Peter Baltes (bass) & Ryuichi Nishida (drums)

4 Make a Wish - feat. Phil Soussan (bass) & Jay Schellen (drums)

5 Rise Up and Be Strong - feat. Carlos Cavazo (guitar) & Phil Soussan (bass)

6 Eyes of the Wizard - feat. Rowan Robertson (guitar) & Phil Soussan (bass)

7 Feeling Lucky C.U in LV - feat. Peter Baltes (bass) & Ryuichi Nishida (drums)

8 Nocturnal - feat. Patrick Johansson (drums)

9 Missing - feat. Phil Soussan (bass) & Jay Schellen (drums)

10 Beat of My Heart - feat. Doug Aldrich (guitar) & Andy C. (drums)

11 Rising Sun - feat. Phil Soussan (bass) & Jay Schellen (drums)

12 Empty Promise [Japan exclusive track] - feat. Cian Coey (vocals) & Dweezil Zappa (guitar)



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Gotta be the worst clip of the year. Hard to concentrate on the song with such horrendous visuals. Seemed not too bad though. 

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That song isn't bad. I can enjoy that. But what the fuck is up with those two videos. This one looks harmless enough, until you watch it. What's up with the terrible angles, the awkwardness, the terrible filming, and where's the rest of the band? Why just these two? Get the drumkit up there, man! 

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Anyone ever find that a song with video often sounds better than on the record? Even if the vocalist is wearing some ridiculous stupid fucking thing on his face? I didn't give this song a second thought as I played the album and it's still no keeper, but seems better than I thought with the video. 

Only keeper on this album is 'Missing.' 

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