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KNOCK OUT KAINE - "Living Breathing Monster" (2020)


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Lincolnshire, UK rockers KNOCK OUT KAINE are back this 2020 after a four year hiatus and some line up changes (now a 5 piece). Their new album ‘Living Breathing Monster‘ is being released today January 1st.
Still fronted by charismatic Dean Foxx, KNOCK OUT KAINE continues perfecting their brand of 80s L.A. influenced sleazy hard rock, and I can see why the band was chosen to support Adler’s Appetite extensive European tour some time ago: KOK’s sound is very reminiscent of Guns N’ Roses and related.

With ‘Living Breathing Monster’ KNOCK OUT KAINE are out to prove themselves after taking a few months off to reboot. Bass player Paul Crouch and additional six stringer Tom Robinson complete the new look, with existing members, Danny Krash on drums and Jimmy Bohemian also on guitar.
I have to say that the performance of this refreshed crew, only after the first song ‘Nothing Ever Changes’, is pretty impressive. Strong and moody, they continue with the excellent rocking title track with that Sunset Strip 1987 feel.

Is that groovy rocker ‘Mine All Mine’ penned by Axl Rose? Or perhaps Bret Michaels circa 1988? It’s a great catchy tune with a guitar sound straight from the Slash set-up. ‘Burn the Witch’ is all about the ’80s, and I find a little of Crazy Lixx on it, the the slow (not a ballad) ‘Into the Fire’ is very interesting both in music & lyrics.
‘Personal Hell’ shows a different side of KOK, a bluesy rocker with pianos and a classic rock smell, but soon after ‘She’s Kinda Like’ rocks again (complete with cowbell) ready to be played at a sweaty packed venue.

‘Terminally Vain’ is the ballad on the album, yet not your typically power ballad. It’s emotional. ‘Oxygen Thief’ does what promises in its title, a hot hard rocker with blasting guitars and lots of gang vocals.
Despite titled ‘Stoopid Iz Az Stoopid Duz’, this closing number isn’t that sleazy but an intense bluesy hard rocker, plenty of solos.

Dean Foxx said that KNOCK OUT KAINE wouldn’t be silent for long, so it’s great to see them back with a stronger line up and a solid, entertaining new album.
‘Living Breathing Monster’ takes you back to the sleazy hard rock golden days, so if you like this style, in the hands of KOK resulting like mix of ’87 Guns N’ Roses and Poison, then this album is for you.
Highly Recommended


01 – Nothing Ever Changes
02 – Living Breathing Monster
03 – Mine All Mine
04 – Burn the Witch
05 – Into the Fire
06 – Personal Hell
07 – She’s Kinda Like
08 – Terminally Vain
09 – Oxygen Thief
10 – Stoopid Iz Az Stoopid Duz

Dean Foxx – vocals
Danny Krash – drums
Jimmy Bohemian – guitar
Paul Crouch – bass
Tom Robinson – guitar








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lol, not sure how similar to Guns N' Roses or Poison that is, but probably worth a listen. I'll try it out. 

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Had this album a few weeks now as they sent them out a couple of weeks early for preorders.

It's another great album from them. Not sure it is as good as the last two releases as not fully grown on me yet, but certainly another really good album.

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These guys are not remarkable, but worth a listen. Good solid "proper" hard rock. Would love a few more killer tunes in the discography, but they're a good band. 

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