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Merry Christmas


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6 minutes ago, heavyharmonies said:

In my experience, the greater the sugar content in the alcohol in question, the worse the hangover effects (differences in raw amounts consumed notwithstanding).

Oh, yeah, it's definitely the sugar, but the sulphites used in the production of wine already gives folks a headache even in moderate consumption. 

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I'm a beer man, although I have dabbled in spirits. I dont particularly like the taste of any alcohol. It's all about the effect for me. I went through a bit of an absinthe phase, but now it's predominantly beer. When I first started drinking I drank Strongbow apple cider. Stronger than beer, but fuck me the hangovers were beyond brutal. Being made from apples, I guess the sugar content was through the roof. My family were never big drinkers at all, but every year when I was little at Christmas, my Grandmother would have a glass of Bailey's Irish Cream and I was allowed to have a small glass.......nectar of the Gods.

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Merry Christmas, everybody.

I'm not sure how all of you spend this day, but I'll still be waiting for Carol to pick up. 


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