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  1. Between Heaven 'N Hell- Rez Band
  2. Bigmouth Strikes Again- The Smiths
  3. Cowboys from Hell- Pantera
  4. Goodbye is Forever- Arcadia
  5. Black Celebration- Depeche Mode
  6. Lost and Found- Echo and the Bunnymen
  7. So technically I'm late to this by an hour or so, and who knows with all of you in other places, but we need to wish this lovely and sadly dead singer a happy birthday. He was a phenomenon And I think Paula did him dirtier than anyone else. She didn't deserve him.
  8. Was that directed at me? Or who was supposed to answer that? I realized I didn't see it till today so sorry if it was for me to answer
  9. True to Myself and Western World, those are two that I really like : )
  10. I really like that song! There's another one (can't remember what it's called) off of that one that I also really like
  11. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes- Ultravox
  12. PetraGirl86


    Yeah cause it's next year in the fall
  13. PetraGirl86


    This is also the REO Speedwagon topic, and I found out awhile ago that it's only 18+ since it's at a Casino, so I couldn't go anyway ☹️
  14. My little sister and I painted a collage yesterday and today and she painted the bottom two. Her art is as good (if not better) than mine!! (She's 10) Here is the collage as the albums and then our painted one. And our room has the worst lighting soo yeah.
  15. PetraGirl86


    Yikes… I don't know what's going on but we haven't had snow since early November! Even now!
  16. This is the best cover I've ever heard! That's the OG
  17. That's always how it works out though, isn't it
  18. Cool! I don't think mine will last very long at all either. But I listen to certain songs on repeat before I move on, so I guess it's easy-ish for me to find out my favorites at a time
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