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I listened to the samples and very Steel Panther, without the it factor.

Could be ok after a few listens, but only ok.

I've tired of Steel Panther being a bit samey of late so a clone band ain't for me.

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This stuff reminded me more of that Skrapp Metal album from waay back but yes they have ticked all the boxes for being randy but are a bit more Loudness sounding than the glam rock of SP.

Definitely worth a few listens and watch a vid or 2.

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It's a shame they're so terrible, or this could have been pretty cool. 

Okay, so I made that comment after listening to 'Summer time lovers' which is as b-grade as you get, but I have to admit, that 'Big tits rockin' is actually pretty damn cool. They're still a very budget sounding band, but that song is cool. 

The other three are all really weak, but I wouldn't mind adding 'Big tits rockin' to my 2019 playlist. :)

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