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QUIET RIOT - One Night In Milan (2019)


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from the interwebz:

QUIET RIOT's performance at Frontiers Rock Festival 2018 marked the band's first-ever concert in Italy. This special event is now being released on CD/DVD and Blu-ray titled "One Night In Milan".

Seems Quiet Riot were eager to bring the party to Frontiers Rock Festival. With such a monumental occasion it only seemed fitting to record the entire show and bring us as an album. This is the latest installment from the band since their 2017 release of Road Rage, which was new material.

Despite the 35 years in the business, the band still know how to pull in a crowd and perform.

"One Night In Milan" is a fantastic insight into the kind of performance this band is capable of. From the beginning of the album and set, the band are ready to throw themselves into the performance and frontman James Durbin is even more ready to provide all he can for the fans.

His crowd interaction heard on the album shows that he is all about engaging with the crowd and letting them be apart of the experience. His vocals are outstanding as well as he never falters throughout and is able to keep that momentum throughout.

The rest of the band keep up with him and show just how tight they are as a unit. Performing a range of greatest hits from “Whatever It Takes” to newer tracks such as “Freak Flag”, they manage to cover just about everything a fan could wish for.

The special treat however comes from the band performing “Thunderbird” for the very first time live. With the song comes the touching story of the meaning behind it and the dedication to the late Randy Rhoads.

Closing the show there's the classics “Cum on Feel The Noize” and “Metal Health”, carrying the live performance to its climax.

This live album make you wish you’d been at this show, and it takes you there in spades.

Highly Recommended

01. Run for Cover
02. Slick Black Cadillac
03. Mama Weer All Crazee Now
04. Whatever It Takes
05. Terrified
06. Love's A Bitch
07. Condition Critical
08. Thunderbird
09. Party All Night
10. Freak Flag
11. I Can't Get Enough
12. Wild & The Young
13. Let's Get Crazy
14. Cum on Feel the Noize
15. Metal Health

Frankie Banali - Drums
Chuck Wright - Bass
Alex Grossi - Guitar
James Durbin - Vocals


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This is a Frontiers release, so no surprise. They did the same with LA Guns as well.

They obviously want to make as much money as possible out of any deal they have with these bands, and this is obviously a cheap way of doing that.


I assume its from the same festival as well.

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Every Sunday morning I listen to Casey Kasem's throwback American Top 40 on a local radio station.  From 8AM to 12PM they pick a specific year from the 80's and play the corresponding week and month of the current date (as closely as possible).

Today was January 28, 1984.  I was a sophomore in high school in 1983 / 1984, and Quiet Riot was absolutely HUGE back then.  "Cum On Feel The Noize" reached #3 on the Top 40, and on January 28, 1984 "Bang Your Head (Metal Health)" debuted at #39.

Why does any of that matter?  It doesn't, really, except listening to that radio broadcast replay this morning I was morphed back in time to being a 15 year-old kid, and I remembered just how much I really loved Quiet Riot.  All of that said, If someone sent me a free copy of this new CD / DVD, I wouldn't bother opening it.

Quiet Riot will always hold a special place in my musical heart... but I am not interested in any "new" stuff without Dubrow, Sarzo and Cavazo.  And since that is obviously no longer possible, I have no further interest at all... unless some long-lost 1984 soundboard concert recording magically appeared :)

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Singer is good.

Probably a better singer than DuBrow, but misses a bit of that 'it factor' that Kevin had.

But this guy performs and sings well, probably well enough that I'd go and see them perform.
Set list is pretty good. Wild & The Young there and all.

The biggest problem they have is the way Benali went about trying to keep the band alive.
Always smacked of needing an income.
And I'm sure that's why other bands (eg: Warrant) are still around as well.
But with them it isn't so obvious.

Releasing a live in Milan CD?
If they really have any chance they need to make a new record, probably with a Slade cover on it, and some other really good songs.
I kinda wish they could do that, but probably can't.

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I picked this one up on its release day, and I gotta say, overall it's not bad. While it's always going to feel kinda odd hearing anyone other than Kevin sing Metal Health, Condition Critical, etc... Durbin does really well on the lesser known tunes like  "Terrified" and "Whatever It Takes".  

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