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Supremacy (Colombia) - Influence (2023)


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What I remember of the debut was great music with a hard to understand vocalist and lyrics that made no sense whatsoever. 

The music is still great, the vocalist sounds a bit better this time... but I'm still not really sure what the song is about, lol. That said, there seems to be more cohesion in the lyrics that don't make much sense to me. 

Nice energetic clip. 

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On 9/26/2021 at 9:49 AM, Darkstone said:

Unless I missed something, I'm still waiting for the album.

Anybody know WTF happened to these guys?

According to their FB and Instagram the band seems dead. Too bad, I love this song, and the guitarist guy was awesome (he's doing some acoustic stuff nowadays if I'm right).

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From Lions Pride Music:

8 years after their first album "Leaders" SUPREMACY returns with their new full length album "Influence"! "Influence" will be released worldwide on CD & Digital on 30 June 2023 through Lions Pride Music!

Supremacy is a melodic hard rock band from Latin America formed in Bogotá, Colombia, back in 2009.

The band’s early years were filled with great shows, playing alongside mainstream bands such as Scorpions, Cinderella and Baron Rojo, among others. This helped the band build their own personality and style within the hard rock genre. Their first full-length record, “Leaders”, was released in 2015, featuring the collaboration with European rock industry icons such as Jakob Samuel, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Robert Säll and Nigel Bailey.

Soon after the release of "Leaders", the band was chosen by Nuno Bettencourt to support Extreme's first ever concert in Colombia. After this great start, they continued to tour all across the country, supporting shows by Sebastian Bach (ex-Skid Row) and Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest). On top of that, SUPREMACY took part in the largest rock festival in Colombia, arguably the biggest free-admission event in the continent, called “Rock al Parque”. Soon after that, they started a country-wide tour all over Mexico, during which they shared the main stage at the massive “Corona Hell & Heaven Fest” concert with Rammstein, Twisted Sister, Ghost, and many others.

In September 2018, SUPREMACY returned with their single “Sirius”, a track that marks the studio debut of Gus Monsanto (ex Adagio, ex Revolution Renaissance), who joined as their new lead singer in late 2017.

After a lengthy pause due to the pandemic situation, their new album “Influence” will make its way out to the world in June. Mixed and mastered by the producer Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios. The record “Influence” is a tribute to all of the band’s influences, embracing a variety of sounds, instrumental virtuosism and various musical fields exposed in every song, which make the band unquestionably versatile on the rock genre.

A major highlight on the “Influence” CD is the collaboration with the legendary ex-KISS and current Grand Funk Railroad guitarrist Bruce Kulick, who teamed up with the band for one of the main singles of the album.

01. Passing Through
02. Mr. Big Shot
03. My Time
04. Dance For Me
05. Dancing With The Devil
06. Sirius
07. Dream Of You
08. Sin Paradise
09. Indigo Children

Supremacy is:
Gus Monsanto: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals
Paul St.Lyonne: Bass, 12 String Ac. Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Danny Acosta: Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards
Diego Acevedo: Drums

Guest Musicians:
Bruce Kulick: Lead Guitars (Track 02)
Daniel Bahamon: Saxophone (Track 05)


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  • Stefan changed the title to Supremacy (Colombia) - Influence (2023)
3 hours ago, Darkstone said:


I've been waiting ages for this release. 

Sirius is a Killer track.

What he said^ ...its been 5 years...seriously

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Really solid album. Probably one of the best albums I've ever heard, without a killer keeper track. A lot on the verge, but no keepers, for me. Doesn't mean it's not a very solid album, though. 

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