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King Company - Queen Of Hearts


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From Frontiers:

NEW SONG & VIDEO ALERT: Finnish hard rockers King Company are back with a new single, "One Day Of Your Life", from their upcoming second album, "Queen Of Hearts"!

Pre-order on CD/LP/MP3 here http://radi.al/QueenofHearts Out August 10, 2018!

For those who haven't heard the band before, highly recommeded for fans of Nordic Union, Jaded Heart, Eclipse (Sweden), and classics like Whitesnake/David Coverdale, Mr Big, Winger, Tyketto and the like!



1. Queen Of Hearts
2. One Day Of Your Life
3. Stars
4. Living In A Hurricane
5. Under The Spell
6. Never Say Goodbye
7. Learn To Fly
8. Berlin
9. King For Tonight
10. Living The Dream
11. Arrival
12. Good Thing (Bonus Track, Digital)



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I see that they have replaced their singer...again...2 albums 3 singers so far...seems to be a common thing recently (see Creye thread :) ) … must be something in the water...or you could go the way of Inglorious and replace everyone but the singer lol...ok I know they kept the drummer in that case.

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From Frontiers:

Message from King Company: "We wanted to introduce our new singer, Ilkka Keskitalo, in a proper manner, so we decided to re-record “King For Tonight” from our latest album, "Queen Of Hearts". Hope you enjoy the 2019 version of the song featuring Ilkka on vocals!" - King Company




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