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Swedish Funk Connection - 1987


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Debut album out now.

Good stuff.





01 - This love will last forever
02 - Lucky
03 - Out of my way
04 - Stay with me
05 - To much money
06 - Somewhere somehow
07 - Life is beautiful
08 - Love is such a beautiful thing
09 - Stay away from the dark
10 - Million reasons



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Terrible, muddled album... with two cracking songs on it. The above song is a real nice melodic rock ditty, but the opener - 'This love will last forever' - is one of my songs of the year so far. Oh shit, my apologies. I can't find it on youtube. Anyway, it's a killer Scandi melodic rock / AOR tune that does sound like it is straight out of 1987. 

Problem is, the rest of the album is awful. Of the ten songs, there's only the two AOR/melodic type songs, and the rest is just a shamble of poorly written tunes. Several with a funk element (I guess, as expected?) and a bunch more are just bad songs. Weird album... but check out the opener, if nothing else - 'This love will last forever.'  


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I agree with Geoff on the two stand out tracks "Stay Away From the Dark" and "This Love Will Last Forever".  The rest isn't bad, but also isn't very memorable.  Decent AOR album with a slight funk/R&B flavor on a few tracks.

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On 9/16/2020 at 10:11 PM, Stefan said:

I think this release is quite good, Jez would like this.

The rest of the album.











Too right Stefan..Superb album. I got it from the band last year. Play it on a regular basis

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