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SteelCity - Fortress


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SteelCity - Fortress

1. Do You Love Me
3. Heart and Soul
3. Turnabout
4. Picture of Beauty
5. Too Little Too Late
6. Someone Like You
7. Passing Ships
8. Shame on You
9. Rock in the USA
10. Back on the Streets






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Really good sounding band. They sound experienced, like they've been doing it for a long time. Good vocals and overall vibe... just a shame about the songs. :(

'Turnabout,' 'Too little too late' and 'Back on the streets' are all worthy songs, but the rest is all really quite average. Almost like they're completely aware of, and embracing the fact that they're a quality band writing really average songs. Real shame they couldn't piece together some better songs here, as the sound is definitely on the money. 

As a side, I just found some very interesting reading regarding this album. Definitely not taking any sides here, but seems there's a bit of drama surrounding this release in our little genre;



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