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Robby Valentine - The Alliance


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New album out June 6th.

From his website:

The time is now...

Exciting news! The cover for THE ALLIANCE has been finished last night! We're very proud to share it with you today, as well as the tracklist for the album.

THE ALLIANCE will feature 10 songs and will run for approximately 43 minutes. The deluxe edition which can still be pre-ordered will contain an additional disc filled with 19 outtakes and alternate versions, totalling about 70 minutes of extra music. We hope to share the tracklist of that disc with you soon as well!



The Alliance Theme (1:01)

Judgement Day (4:11)

Black Dog (4:10)

Sons Of America (3:30)

Running On Empty (4:16)

Eleanor Robyn (6:58)

Soldiers Of Light (4:25)

The Bitter End (4:11)

Masters Of Our Minds (4:55)

Remember Who You Are (5:36)

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The year has finally got into high gear, with releases from Ghost, The Night Flight Orchestra and now this one. Quite superb again....this bloke never fails to deliver absolute quality releases

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Same ol' same ol' from the fella. Some of this stuff I hate ('Black dog,' 'Sons of America' and 'Masters of our minds'). But as always, he has those few gems on there which still continues to make his albums worth a listen. 

'Judgement Day' is a really good opener, 'High as a kite' is a tacky but nice melodic rock tune and 'The Bitter End,' like the opener, is another damn good anthem kind of rocker. 

But the show stealer is the above tune... 'Eleanor Robyn.' I guess as a father of two kids basically the same age as Robbie's girl, the song really struck a chord with me. You don't really hear songs about kids, and that probably for the best, lol, but a lot of the lyrics here are kind of where I'm at too and although it's also quite tacky, it really hit the spot for me. Seeing the clip adds to it too. Love the song. 

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