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Klassik '78 - side 1 & side 2


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Klassik '78 - side 1 & side 2

Track List for Side One:
01. Standing Tall
02. Please N Tease
03. Mean Business
04. Passion & Love
05. Rock And Roll You
06. Streetwise

Track List for Side Two:
01. Ain’t No Fool
02. American Made
03. Hot On Her Heels
04. Jendell
05. Victims
06. World On Fire






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On ‎07‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 5:31 AM, Dead Planet said:

Kiss wannabe...:)

Well Gene and Paul said that they might look for someone to keep the KISS brand going after they retire. They might have it with these guys.

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Damn, that's almost spooky. They got that vintage Kiss sound down!!

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8 hours ago, gener8tr said:

I actually like these tracks better than just about anything else uploaded on this site the past month or so (save for the Gioelli / Castronovo stuff).

Yes, I was a huge KISS fan in 1978 as a 4th. grader.

Can someone please help me find a copy of the UNORIGINALS CD?  Thank you.

I looked on their website and they are completely sold out and in an interview they said that they have no plans to make any more.

The only way I imagine you can get one is if somebody wants to sell you their own copy.

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Why not I guess?
There are about 18 gazillion ACDC clone bands around.
Surprised it took so long for something like this to rear its head.

Like all the ACDC clones, not really for me.
This music sounds like the unreleased demos Kiss may have done. Not quite there.
But I'm sure tehre's a market out there who are lapping it up

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Various Online Sources:

KLASSIK ’78 – Phantoms (2022)

JANUARY 29, 2022


KLASSIK '78 - Phantoms (2022) full

KLASSIK ’78, a group of musicians focused more about the style and interpretation of KISS rather than making simple covers of existing classics. The band took it upon themselves to write and record a “lost” KISS studio record that could have followed ”Love Gun” called "The Unoriginals". While the line up is comprised by renowned metal / hard rock musicians, their identities are hidden (we know ‘Peter Criss’ is Anthrax’s drummer).

Now they are back with ‘new / lost’ KISS songs into a new album titled “Phantoms“, to be released on CD in February. If you liked the previous album, wait to listen to “Phantoms”.

These guys are simply amazing recreating the classic ’78 KISS sound. The vocals are unbelievable – really, very impressive – the guitar and drum sounds are uncannily exact. And they write killer songs too!

‘Whatcha Gonna Do’, ‘Living Fantasy (Tonite)’, ‘Rock N’ Roll Over’… are these unreleased KISS songs? No, these are freshly written by KLASSIK ’78, but dude, all of ’em are pure Seventies KISS.


01. Show Me Your Love
02. Fever Dreams
03. Smoke & Mirrors
04. Queen of Hearts
05. Whatcha Gonna Do
06. Living Fantasy (Tonite)
07. Walk That Walk
08. Rock N’ Roll Over


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