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Spoken - IX


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Haha, how'd I miss the lord's mouthpeice entering the frame and abusing his fellow christians for not being christian enough. That looked like a riot. I wonder where I was. Anyway, the band that this thread is for released a new album. Probably not quite on par with some of their releases from "recent' years, but these guys are always good. 


1    .    Echoes
2    .    Reflection
3    .    Hourglass
4    .    In The Dark
5    .    Awaken Me
6    .    Anymore
7    .    Buried
8    .    Let The War Begin
9    .    The End of Time
10    .    Moments
11    .    Never Look Away
12    .    Future
13    .    Sleeper
14    .    Be There










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