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That's great stuff!

I think i'll have to hunt this one down.


I agree!


I was notified that it was released Jan 13.



Looks like they have a couple more EP's out as well.



Yeah, i checked out their earlier stuff.

I like 'em.

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So here is my review of this one. The review is another in a list of bands not suitable for a certain site that I am giving up on entirely but that is another story for another time.


Warning! What follows is a review. A review that will push the boundaries a bit. A review of a Cullman, Alabama band (yep, southern US) that should if properly received (no blinders kiddo's), cause incessant head nodding, toe tapping and good ole' air guitaring even in the ficklest of listeners. The band of merry 20 sumthings calls themselves Shallow Side and they have bum rushed 2017 with an appropriately titled 6 track EP One.

Now apparently Shallow Side has been mulling about since 2010 honing their "signature" sound of combining today's modern arena rock with that of the more southern fried ilk. To further paint the picture for those who haven't already dropped to the bottom of this post and ran through the bands lead off single Rebel a couple hundred times, imagine if you will Travis Tritt incantor Bo Bice wailing over the top of some Filter? Feather in some tasteful keyboards, a couple drop beats and a banjo or ten and you see that Shallow Side has taken the influences of there geographic location (southern fried and 70's arena rock and of course country music) and being youngsters smashing that into what they are hearing on the modern rock radio stations (Drowning Pool, Saving Abel, Linkin Park, Nickelback, Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace et al).

Now speaking to the tunes and glossing over the southern fried hard rock lead off single track 2 Rebel which we spoke to a moment ago, the lead off track has a nice radio friendly Luke Bryant modern country rock vibe that could EASILY play well on any new country radio station, which we all know is southern fried pop rock anyways. Track three is the Styx classic Renegade 2017 reboot. The Shallow Side version stays fairly true to form with the addition of some modern twists and turns to keep the kids interested and something for the purist hipsters to belly ache about (remember them blinders we spoke to earlier). Renegade was endorsed by Tommy Shaw and for good reason as its a great cover. So far we have been playing through some well played albeit safe and radio friendly modern country/southern rock n roll. Well Fight Or Flight spins 180 and is a full on modern rock song with mammoth drums, Linkin Park inspired DJ'ing (or keyboard effects) and de-tuned heavy guitars, singer Eric B even loses that twang and goes "clean" and heavy for his screaming vocals on this one. Can You Hear me reverts to a southern flared cut, the slide guitar in the main riff is infectious, however this one is more modern hard rock and the verse has a very huge arena sing song chorus that will have all the young ladies brandishing there cell phones to light the arenas up. Tailing up the EP is Start A Fire and its a tech'd out hard rock number dialed back with a candy coating of southern drawl to remind us that Shallow Side isn't just a college radio frat party flash in the pan modern rock outfit, but an eclectic influenced and quite original southern fried modern hard rock band.

Wrapping up, Shallow Side will certainly get poo poo'd by narrow minded listeners and those that can't see past their own noses (or around them blinders), but for those that appreciate young talent, creativity and well played original music, they will certainly be entertained and the EP One will play through real nicely at those summer BBQ's on the horizon that your whole extended family/crew will be attending and then wondering what station you are playing through your iPod that covers modern country, old school 70's arena rock and modern hard rock and doing so without losing a listener.

Forecasts call for a long play later this year and if Shallow Side can keep the momentum of One, especially with that countrified modern hard rock mash up I will be listening.

Track List:

  1. We Roll
  2. Rebel
  3. Renegade
  4. Fight Or Flight
  5. Can You Hear Me
  6. Start A Fire

Band Members:

Eric Boatright-Vocals

Seth Trimble-Bass/Guitar

Heath Fields-Drums

Cody Hampton-Guitar/Keyboards

Reviewed by Terry Martinson May 2017

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