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Great band name. If killing yourself and eating your own flesh is your idea of a good time. Seriously, that's terrible. Why didn't Voss just call this another Wolfpakk (another great band name) album?


Anyway, I love Casanova and some Demon Drive stuff, even some Mad Max. But this will be shit, just like the 40,000 other projects Voss is involved in per year. I wish he'd just concentrated all his creative efforts into making Casanova a classic and timeless band of "our genre" instead of wasting so much time with all this mediocre stuff. Sorry, I know I haven't heard a sample of this yet but I just know exactly how it'll sound and it already bores me.

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Out October 28 (Steamhammer)







1. Rock For The Nations
2. Surround By Fools
3. Out Of Time
4. What About Love
5. The Blame Game
6. Riding Shotgun
7. Nothings Gonna Bring Me Down
8. The Lion Is Loose
9. I need Your Love
10. Lay With

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Is Voss going to have a project with every ex Scorpion member?! lol

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